HTC officially announces the HTC One Mini


htc one mini

HTC has officially announced the existence of the HTC One Mini. It was a long time coming — we’ve been hearing about this thing for months now — but it’s finally here. The HTC One Mini is a 4.3 inch smartphone that boasts some seriously nice internals. Whereas most phones of this “small” size would be underpowered these days, the HTC One Mini actually has some serious horsepower for a device of its size. (I still can’t believe we now consider 4.3 inches to be “mini.”)

The 4.3-inch display is 720p HD, and the device is packing a dual-core 1.4GHz processor. That’s a bit less powerful than the HTC One’s quad-core Snapdragon 600 and full HD display, but still quite impressive. We still get that HTC UltraPixel camera with Zoe, as well as Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 which includes HTC BlinkFeed. Oh, and those nice front-facing stereo BoomSound speakers with Beats Audio are still banging in beautiful fashion.

This device doesn’t sound half bad, and for the specs it has we imagine folks will be able to get it for a great deal cheaper than what the original HTC One is going for. Unfortunately we aren’t sure how much it’ll cost just yet, but those details should come to light soon as HTC has set August as its first date of availability in select markets. The HTC One Mini will be getting a “global” rollout in September.

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  1. Why is having a 1.4GHz dual core processor in a 4.3″ device “still impressive”?
    Without further specification what SoC this device features, the processor could be anything between blazing fast and sloth-like, energy efficient and thermal radiator.

    1. Because most other OEMs still tend to gimp devices this small with single-core processors and 768MB of RAM, horrible cameras, etc.

      1. My 2+ year old Sensation 4G has a 4.3″ display (same size as the mini) with a 1.2 GHz dual core proc and 768 MB of RAM. Not much worse in terms of specs than the Mini. You could probably get the Sensation 4G for free now, if it’s even available any more. So why would anybody waste $100+ (you know it will be at least $100) on the mini when they can get damn near the same thing for free? These specs are weak. Let’s not talk the mini up to be something it’s most certainly not. It’s a LOW tier One knock-off. Nothing more.

        1. You know not all duel core are the same right? Your sensation used an other S3 and this used a S400 big different. The Sensation only have qhd screen not a 720p screen. The camera are different, software. The ram are different too. Man those two are soooo similar right?

          1. Main difference is camera, Sense, and Boomsound. Proc is about the same. RAM is slightly less than the Mini. qHD and 720p, not much difference. Would only notice if you put them next to each other. I wouldn’t pay $100+ for a marginal upgrade to the Mini. Now, if they were selling it for $49.99 with 2 year contract, maybe. You can get into all the details you want about the CPU model. I realize there are many different CPU’s with similar specs. However, is the difference enough to warrant spending $100+ to find out? Nope. Not in this case.

          2. The proc is not the same. They are base on different Soc. The S3 is base on the on an A8 and the S400 is base on the krait. The GPU is a lot different. The S3 is built on 40 nm and S400 is built on the 28 nm dire. And yes you can tell the difference between qhd and 720p. That the different of 4X the number of pixels. The ram on the Sensation is frt1 and the one mini is ddr2 big different. Wow you don’t understand technology then.

          3. Like I said before. I understand the difference. Of course it’s not the same SoC. I understand it’s a different screen as well. I understand the RAM is different. However, when it comes to the general specs of the damn thing, it’s not different enough to warrant an upgrade that could cost over $100. I’m not splitting hairs here. I’m not breaking the Mini down to a substraight level of detail. We’re not talking MOSFETS and doping here. So ease off the tool bag talk because the average consumer doesn’t care about that. The Mini will be a better phone than the Sensation of course. But not enough to upgrade to it. Not unless it’s nearly free. You act like the difference between an S3 and an S4 is night and day. Really it’s more like the difference between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.

          4. qhd ≈250ppi, 720p≈310 ppi….big difference i know because i had the sensation 4g for a few weeks….also the sensation4g had one of those “1st gen” dual-cores….much better dual-cores out now..and the sensation was laggy and unpolished….this will be different considering project butter and how sensation 4g is still stuck on 2.3.7….lmao

          5. actually the sensation received ICS. its still an archaic pile of crap (trust me i know its my daily) but it has a remotely modern OS. I was looking to upgrade and i agree. the One mini wouldnt be much of an upgrade at all for me.

        2. Wrong wrong wrong, The updated dual core processor in the Mini will leave that old raggedy Sensation in the dust. WAY better hardware out of the Mini than the Sensation as well (better screen, better speakers, better and updated software)…. quit whatever you’re smoking.

          1. If you like it so much, go buy it…LOL. I’ll wait for something better at the same price (unless it’s free…LOL).

          2. The S3 and S400 is night and day. The GPU alone made it worth a 100 upgrade. Just because they have similar spec like a dual core does not make it the same. Let look at computer, a dual core I5 is similar to a I3? According your logic they are. But in the computer world they are very different. For a 100 dollars different it would be a great upgrade.

    2. I still don’t know how in the hell anyone can call a 4.3″ “mini”. My Nexus One is only 3.7″, so would it be called a “micro”? LMAO

  2. To be honest I was hoping to see a Quad-Core on this device when you said “serious horsepower” but a dual core I think is almost the standard on new low range devices …

  3. Wish oems would release all this “mini” and “max” versions of the flagship at the same time as the flagship. It makes a lot more sense.

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      Is it me, or does it look like the only thing that’s smaller is the
      screen? Like it looks like there’s more black space at the top now. In
      between the screen and speaker grill.

  4. Is it me, or does it look like the only thing that’s smaller is the screen? Like it looks like there’s more black space at the top now. In between the screen and speaker grill.

    IDK… Maybe it’s just the picture.

  5. Well, I can’t wait to see this in the store along side the Galaxy S4 Mini so I can compare the two and take one home.

  6. When will people realize the reason the manufactures seem to skimp on the specs of these mini devices is not because they’re designed to be a mid range, lower priced phone, but because they CAN’T fit all the high end components in the smaller frame. Component size technology just hasn’t gotten much better over the past few years. Manufacturers are forced to build bigger phones in order to upgrade their internals from last years phones, the bigger screen is pretty much just a side effect.

    1. I respectfully disagree. Google Glass: case in point.

      1. Google glass has lower specs than the current phones. I’m not sure what you mean.

        1. SOME current phones yes. But the specs in google glass definitely outperform a lot of current phones. Fact is, they could easily fit better specs into the One mini. They choose not too.

          1. They could fit better specs in it with more expensive engineering. Which would lead to a more expensive phone. Just look at the price of Google glass.

  7. I wouldn’t touch this phone because of two reasons:

    1. 1gb ram is not enough for games and apps to scale at 720p which will lead to slowdown and lags.Never ever buy android phones unless and until it has 2gb ram especially for 720p.

    2. 16gb for 720p is a joke. I have keep on deleting games and apps after filling up the phone.

    Galaxy s4 mini is clearly the winner because of qhd. Games at qhd will be awesome because of 1.5gb ram

  8. This guy is an idiot. 100 bucks to upgrade form a sensation to a one not worth it? Wow I’d pay more than that to upgrade from that POS. oh well have fun struggling with the sensation every day Atleast you’ll know you saved that 100 bucks I guess? Lol

  9. in short tell lie to earn lot of money…that’s what we called clever in business ^_^

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