Jul 16th, 2013

John Legere Twitter

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a loose canon. The estranged love-child of Willy Wonka and Christopher Walken, the man holds nothing back, especially his distaste for rival GSM carrier AT&T. In fact, we’re sure that’s why T-Mobile hired  Legere in the first place. When AT&T announced their early upgrade Next program during the wee hours of last night, there were many that felt it was nothing more than an overpriced imitation of T-Mobile’s JUMP program. For the most part… they’d be right.

John Legere took to his newly created Twitter account to blast AT&T this evening, calling them out on their Next program by tweeting:

So, what exactly is Legere all fired up about? Well, it’s true T-Mobile and AT&T offer similar early upgrade services. With both of them, customers have the option of paying off the full price of a device over time. Because the device isn’t technically subsidized, T-Mobile offers lower rates on all their existing phone plans, while AT&T does not.

In the end, nothing but good can come of this. Nobody in the world ever complained about having too much competition with multi-million dollar corporations fighting for your money. It’s us, the consumer, that wins every time. Grab your popcorn, folks. Things just got interesting. #Murica.

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