T-Mobile CEO puts AT&T and their Next early upgrade program on blast


John Legere Twitter

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a loose canon. The estranged love-child of Willy Wonka and Christopher Walken, the man holds nothing back, especially his distaste for rival GSM carrier AT&T. In fact, we’re sure that’s why T-Mobile hired  Legere in the first place. When AT&T announced their early upgrade Next program during the wee hours of last night, there were many that felt it was nothing more than an overpriced imitation of T-Mobile’s JUMP program. For the most part… they’d be right.

John Legere took to his newly created Twitter account to blast AT&T this evening, calling them out on their Next program by tweeting:

So, what exactly is Legere all fired up about? Well, it’s true T-Mobile and AT&T offer similar early upgrade services. With both of them, customers have the option of paying off the full price of a device over time. Because the device isn’t technically subsidized, T-Mobile offers lower rates on all their existing phone plans, while AT&T does not.

In the end, nothing but good can come of this. Nobody in the world ever complained about having too much competition with multi-million dollar corporations fighting for your money. It’s us, the consumer, that wins every time. Grab your popcorn, folks. Things just got interesting. #Murica.

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  1. Well, you know, if T-Mobile had some decent coverage outside of cities I’d say he’d have a valid argument. Even me, living just outside of a city, their coverage map shows that I’d barely be able to use my phone in my house, and that is consistent with when I had a tmobile to go phone (had to stand next to a window to use it). So, until they become relevant outside of cities, I give AT&T full right to charge more. You get what you pay for.

    1. AT&T charges more for data than T-Mobile or Sprint and they cap you at 2GB…which I went through in my first two days with T-Mobile. Which makes AT&T pretty damn irrelevant to me.

      1. For many, it’s the same argument with Sprint. Sprint offers really cheap rates and unlimited data, but at Edge speeds, you can’t do much :/

        1. Yeah I used to have Sprint with the EVO and Galaxy S2, where I lived at first in SLC I got nearly flawless data connection, when I moved to the “west” side I couldn’t even use it in my apartment. And now I have nearly the opposite problem with T-Mobile but I mostly stay in my little area, and at home if I’m connected to T-Mobile 4G it goes just SLIGHTLY slower than my Xfinity broadband internet (and we pay for the accelerator feature), so that says something I think.

          I just don’t understand willingly buying an advanced phone that can do anything a computer can do and limiting yourself to 2GB of internet usage per month. o_O

          1. Yes unlimited 4G is the only way to go

          2. Well, if you’re like me, you don’t leave the house much ._.

          3. I think I just heard your mother calling you from upstairs…

          4. In which case, that’s what wifi is for, no?

            Seriously, isn’t basic cable internet or DSL much cheaper than unlimited mobile service from any carrier?

            When at home I use Groove IP or Vonage apps for voice, and wifi for data. Last month was a heavy usage month for me — I used about $20 for voice and data from PTel (a T-Mobile MVNO). Most months it’s more like $5-$12.

          5. I just pictured you with a tear trickle streaming down your face when you said that…. like when the indian cried about pollution on the PSA; only I think he really cried because he was not an indian after all. How fitting that the campaign was called Keep #Murica Beautiful. Ok, well they didn’t hashtag and world police slang it, but they held the same level of patriotism as Trey Parker, obviously.

        2. Not anymore. Sprint’s speeds have improved dramatically and their officially launched LTE markets are pulling in the same speeds as AT&T’s and Verizon’s LTE networks did when they launched.

          The difference is that Sprint’s LTE has room to grow since they already have tons of spectrum and the tower hardware fully supports Carrier Aggregation.

          1. When they deploy their 4G network in SLC I will most likely switch back. :)

          2. Well, I have been running into unadvertised LTE areas in and around Mobile, Alabama and on I-10 through Mississippi. And the speeds where there to back it up. So something is afoot! Have screen shots to prove heh

          3. The hard part is waiting for the Sprint LTE to arrive. It’s unofficially live in parts of Metro Detroit, but lately it has not been very stable or fast. They have until next fall to improve it or I may jump to T-Mo if the price and plans are right.

          4. I’m sorry that you live in Detroit. Come to the west side… land of the best great lake, the fluffiest clouds, the happiest sun, and the most friendly people!

        3. Agreed, Chris! I left Sprint after 10 years to AT&T for Data speeds and Smartphones. But damn! I spend a ton on service…..

          1. Ever considered GoPhone? The recently revamped plans don’t look half bad and with the option of Nexus or GPe devices and the possibility of an off contact Moto X it’s tempting me to give it a try come September when my contract is up.


          PRICELESS! :D

      2. T-Mobile coverage at my house is nonexistent. Makes T-Mobile pretty much irrelevant to me. Not everyone lives in a city or on the east coast.

        1. nonexistent maybe?

          1. I fixed it. Android autocorrect.

      3. they don’t cap you at 2 gigs… never have either. They reserve the right to throttle after 5 gigs on lte and 3 on hspa tho, which is rare these days.

      4. Every carrier throttles or caps except for Sprint. That makes TMO irrelevant, not AT&T.

      5. If I can’t even use my data, I think that makes it even more irrelevant, lol.

    2. Exactly, but T-mobile knows that most of the consumers are in urban areas so they don’t even care about upgrading the Edge only markets to at least 3G.

      1. I use tmobile and I agree. The data service outside of urban areas just blows. Thankfully I’m in a urban area so the point is mostly moot for me.

        The times when I do travel, data really is a drag. Even on the interstate your stuck on edge at best and sometimes you even drop down to gprs service. This is really unexceptable by 2013 standards.

        All towers need to be updated to 3G at the bare minimum.

        1. I agree but it looks as if T-mobile has decided just to push that to the side and focus on their LTE rollout for major markets.

          1. push to the side….. more like push off the edge…..

      2. i am a tmobile customer and i can say that at least when im in an edge market, i have service with tmobile and i can use my phone as a phone(maybe not for browsing the internet but thats not why you buy a cell phone)

        when i had verizon, att, and sprint, i couldnt get coverage in 90% of the rural towns that i have coverage on tmobile

        now that being able to rely on your phone, because when you are in trouble out there, you are not going to be worrying about whether or not you can browse the web, you are going to worry about whether you can make a phone call or not

        1. I’ll agree with that, it’s pretty rare that you don’t have enough coverage to make a call on T-Mobile

          1. That’s because I believe T-Mobile has a roaming agreement with AT&T as a result of the failed buyout. Outside of metro areas there’s a good chance you’re on AT&T’s Edge network.

          2. I would like you to take a trip to a place called “The Dragon.” It’s in TN just north of the NC border. Travel that entire area with a TMO phone and tell me what kind of service you get. I bet you have nothing but an “X” on your phone where the signal bar is supposed to be. Trust me, I know. Last time I went, my buddies on Verizon and Sprint were uploading photos of themselves dragging knees around curves while I was just staring at a phone with no signal.

          3. I don’t doubt it, terrible carrier for road trips and such but thats the risk you take with T-mobile, great prices, average coverage.

    3. i use tmobile and in the city of romona ca(which is a small mountain town), tmobile has great coverage there, i travel all over southern california as well for work and i dont have any problems with tmobile, everywhere i go has coverage(even the non urban zones), and i can rely on my phone service unlike verizon, att, and sprint

      anyhow have fun paying more for the same thing im paying less for, idk about you but if you live by the “you get what you pay for” saying, you will be spending tons more money on everything(like i bet you would buy the most expensive crap on the shelves when you can clearly get the same product for much less at a different store)

      1. I think scoter man1’s point is why pay TMO, even at their lower rates, when he can’t even his phone at home? That sir, would be pretty irrelevant to anyone. I went through the same thing a few years ago with Sprint. I moved to a new area, couldn’t use my phone in my own home where I spent at least half my time. I switched to Vz with their higher rates because at that point, Sprint became irrelevant to me. Now had I planned on never being at home then I would have stayed home but then i would have been paying a mortgage to a bank for something I hardly used. So let’s see, pay mortgage and never stay at my own house so I can use you smartphone or switch carriers. It’s clear Luigi not everyone has the same great experience with TMO as you.

        1. well its different if you live in an area with terrible coverage and you cant even use cell service in your own home

          i live in an urban area so tmobile always works in my house and when im out and about in rural areas, i have coverage so i cant complain, the thing is with att, verizon, and sprint, i didnt have coverage in those areas(which is odd since verizon markets themselves to being the most reliable network) and i had spotty coverage in my own home(verizon and sprint, which is odd since i live near the city)

        2. Coverage at home is sort of irrelevant these days though. Wi-Fi Calling means that you’ve pretty much always got a good signal in your home, no matter what.

      2. You’ll have to forgive me for calling “hyperbole” on this comment just to try and make a point, or to tell scoter how misinformed he is, or something.

        I checked the Verizon and T-Mobile map for your area (Romona and the surrounding region). Yes, Tmo has good coverage, but if you travel 15+ miles east you’re SOL for a long time. As opposed to Verizon which not only has most of your region covered, it also has LTE. I know the maps aren’t always 100% accurate, but there’s a vast difference between your claims and what the map shows – not just a small difference.

    4. Agreed… I use Solavei, an MVNO that uses T-mobile, and service outside Baltimore is just horrendous on my Nexus 4… Someone was telling me though that MVNO service is worse than the actual carrier service… is this true? Maybe I’ll bring my Nexus 4 into T mobile and get my service straight from the source if this is the case…

      1. I believe T-Mobile gets roaming privileges on AT&T’s Edge network. I’m not sure MVNO’s do. You have to remember that no matter what, with an MVNO you’re a second rate customer to the carrier. If you’re not sending a check directly to the carrier then they care significantly less about your level of service

        1. tmobile and att do not roam on each other

          switch to tmobile, their plans are dirt cheap, im paying $50/month for unlimited everything including my phone payments(so really service is only costing me $30/month)

          1. On the contrary. I went on a short trip a few weeks ago, and the town we stayed in had no T-Mobile coverage. Yet I had a signal the entire time, on AT&Ts network. Is roaming, with the R above the signal bars, and my network registered as AT&T. And on top of that I am on T-Mobile prepaid.

          2. @luigi90210:disqus That is what I am paying now at Solavei… I will gladly switch if that means I actually get some better service…

          3. You are wrong sir. I roam on AT&T all the time. It’s the only way I can get service with TMO…ROFL.

    5. I am not saying you are incorrect about your reception, but I move around the country constantly and have lived in many smaller Towns, but my coverage has always been solid. Maybe I’m just lucky.

    6. I had AT&T for 3 years and yes I had signal in more areas that I do with T-Mobile but that doesn’t help when I have signal and couldn’t make calls or had countless dropped calls. If I was an event where there was a large crowd of people I had signal but no call or texts would work. Now with T-Mobile I have signal and my calls go through at those same events. I was paying 241 a month for 2 iPhones with 2gb data unlimited texts and 1000 anytime minutes on T-Mobile I have 3 lines all android phones 2 gb data unlimited texts and 1000 minutes and my monthly bill is 179. Yes you get what you pay for to a point but when WT&T towers are overloaded and you can’t make calls or use data it is worthless and is how the lost me as a customer along with their poor customer service too.

      AT&T and Verizon already see T-Mobile as a threat that is why they are both coming out with early upgrade programs to try and prevent them from losing customers to T-Mobile. Had either of them done nothing and stuck with their 24 month upgrade programs then that would of said they don’t see T-mobile as a threat.

  2. T-mobile is going to make a massive come back over the next few years Bust out your check books and buy some stock!

    1. Concur.

    2. hmmm.. by George you might be on to something!

    3. dont wanna say much but ive made a nice amount already…no reason it cant go to 28-29

      1. OK so stock holders are technically partial owners. Can I wonder if there is a way to milk it for free devices Hmmm.

        1. lol put a high enough principle on their stock and you will make gains large enough to buy a phone of your choice

    4. Yeah after 12 years of service from at&t, count me in, as soon as my contract is up, that’s where I’m going

      1. you got service?

        1. i get service all over the place…i love tmobile

    5. What is their stock symbol? Used to be DT but I can’t seem to find it now. They stop trading in the US?

      1. Once they took over MetroPCS they started trading under TMUS
        And if you got in on the ground floor, you would’ve made a hefty sum already ;)

        1. in at 6.52 hehe

      2. never traded publicly in us until now

    6. If T-Mobile starts representing a legitimate threat to Verizon and AT&T, they’ll simply lower their rates and wait until T-Mobile goes bust. Verizon and AT&T have money to burn and the coverage to beat. If Verizon and AT&T match T-Mobile on rates, T-Mobile just flat out can’t compete. Clearly they don’t yet see T-Mobile as a threat because they continue to raise prices, not lower them.

      1. If T-Mobile can make their network footprint as large and fast as Verizon LTE before the tipping point then it will be too late for Verizon to shift. The only thing stopping T-Mobile is coverage.

        1. It takes a very long time and a lot of cash for the kind of network rollout T-Mobile needs to compete. All it takes for AT&T and Verizon is a press conference. The only thing stopping T-Mobile also happens to be the most expensive, time consuming thing to accomplish and they’re not making money hand over fist like the big two.

        2. Yeah that truly is the only thing holding T-Mo back. They have great coverage in big cities, but travel 20 miles away and coverage becomes spotty or non-existent.

        3. I signed up with TMO 2 months ago. Their LTE went live here in Miami 1 month ago. I’m now consistently getting speeds in the 10 to 15 mbps range and every now and then it hits in the low 20’s. When it is slow it is usually in the 5 mbps range. These speeds aren’t as fast as ATT or Verizon here in Miami, but I pay for 2 lines what my brother (w/ ATT) pays for 1.

          1. That’s nice and all. Now drive down the road a little out of Miami and bring your brother along. Tell me who has service then. I have been with TMO for 12 years. I put up with the terrible coverage because they offered great customer service and low rates. However, their customer service has been pathetic as of late, and their stupid new upgrade policy does not fool me. When my contract is up July 27th, I will gladly be taking my business to Big Red to pick myself up a $49.99 SGS3 on 2 year contract.

          2. I was recently in Sanibel Island. A small island on the west coast of Florida, just outside of Fort Myers. I had good coverage and good reception. Even when fishing. Last year with Sprint – nothing. Yes my bros (ATT) was better. But his wallet was empty. I had beer money.

          3. A similar plan from AT&T to the one that I am currently on with TMO will cost me about $20 more per month for two lines. Hardly going to cause my wallet to be empty. Plus, I’ll get better coverage, faster speeds, and more data. I might actually be able to Skype with my wife while I’m TDY for a change. Never could on TMO because their coverage/speeds suck at every TDY location I go to.

          4. You have a better plan than my brother then. He is paying about $140 a month. He got grandfathered in to their unlimited data, but it cost him quite a bit more when he upgraded to the iphone 5. My 2 bills from TMO have been avg of $155 (after 15% discount b/c my wife is a public school) teacher w/ premium device protection and $40 a month in equipment installments. I wanted ATT but at the store they quoted $178 a month (after 10% discount for the same reason) before taxes for 2 GB of data per device. I get 2.5 GB of high speed w/ TMO. Verizon didn’t have the HTC One which my wife wanted so I didn’t consider them.

          5. Verizon just recently announced the HTC One. And I’ll take 2 GB of AT&T over 2.5 GB of TMO data any day. From TMO, it would be 2.5 GB of useless data for me.

          6. That sucks. What area? S. Florida is excellent. I know that feeling. i had unlimited dial-up speed for years with Sprint.

          7. LOL…unlimited dial-up speed. That’s a good one. Props. I am going to use that one myself. Anyway, I’m in a town/village most people have never heard of called Warner Robins, GA. I can’t go to Subway for lunch on the main strip without flopping back and forth between 4G (fake 4G, not LTE) and 2G. I get 0.5 Mbps down at my house (yes, there is a decimal before that 5) on TMO’s supposed 4G network. When I get to work, I get nothing. Absolutely nothing. When I travel to my parents’ house in Waynesville, NC I get nothing…until I jump on AT&T roaming…LOL. I do get some OK coverage when I go to Bradenton, FL though. Not fast speeds by any means, but at least coverage.

          8. Is it really worth it to you to be on T-Mobile?

          9. i guess i’m lucky to be in new york. I laugh at my verizon friends who pay double for half of my tmobile speeds. ATT is fast, but same price as verizon. My speeds are more than adequate… 8-12 mbps on hspa+ and my boy says he gets low 20’s mbps on Tmobile LTE.

          10. I work with a guy that has AT&T and says he got speeds of 40+ Mbps on their LTE here in Warner Robins, GA. He has a Nokia Lumia 920 and his daughter has an iPhone 5. Both on AT&T LTE, both speeds of 40+ Mbps. Obviously, those are peak speeds and he doesn’t average that. But still impressive none the less.

          11. oh yeah ATT LTE is blazing fast her in NY too, but I’m just glad i can potentially get 20+ Mbps for 2 lines for $120/mo (will be 100 once iphone is paid off) vs 40+ mbps for 2 lines for $180/mo

          12. I have unlimited data with T-Mobile, not this 2-2.5gb crap, which is the same thing as nothing!
            And I have plenty decent speeds, I live in Connecticut,
            well covered.

          13. It must of been a long time ago that you got quotes. AT&T hasn’t had a 2GB plan in a year and a half. Also, the government employee discount on AT&T is also 15%. I’ve constantly debated switching to cheaper, smaller carriers, but the coverage is a big issue. Also the consistency of LTE is so amazing on AT&T.

          14. It was 4 gb for 2 lines so i just put it at 2 gb each. The discount for Miami Dade teachers was not 15%. It was some odd number like 12%, but I definitely remember it was less than TMO. This was in May when I began to shop around. TMO in Miami is without a doubt the better deal. My speeds are excellent here. for about $50 to $60 less a month.

          15. Ah. That was where I was confused. You were offered the 4GB mobileshare plan. Which is 70 for the service and 40 per smartphone. So yeah, 150. It would of been sharing 4GB between the two. In Texas and I was told it’s the same nationally, certainly in Texas though, all government employees get 15%. Even school teachers, regardless of district. The exception would be private schools as they are businesses and would have separate agreements with AT&T. In the Dallas area here and most of Texas really, AT&T is king and usually has the best service.

        4. T-mo got a bunch of money from At&t and from dutch telecom to start beefing up their towers and tech. i think the one thing that tmobile has going for them is how old school and out dated they were. They can now start implementing newer/faster tech to their old ass towers while the other 2 carriers will be playing catch up

      2. Honestly, Verizon should go back to something like their old “can you hear me now?” ad campaign. Not that one exactly, but something communicating the same thing. They need to remind the public about the benefits of being with Verizon, instead of letting the public hear how “big and bad” they are from T-Mobile, tech media, etc. AT&T should do the same. That would put a damper on what T-Mobile’s trying to do, and they’ve got the cash to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love what T-Mobile’s doing, but we tried them for a few months, and the coverage / reliability just wasn’t enough to make us switch long term.

        1. Full disclosure, I work for ATT. We talk about how Verizon lost it’s voice when they stopped airing those commercials. You won’t hear it often, but ATT internally, credits Verizon’s lost voice with part of their growth. The subscriber base is well over 100 million and keeps narrowing the gap with big red.

      3. They could do that… But the silver lining is that they probably won’t go to those extremes. If they started matching tmobile on price, their stock value would take a big hit. If that happens for too long, it doesn’t look good for the CEO. They will probably just try to beat them on features and service.

    7. Strongly agree

    8. I’m definitely leaving AT&T ASAP for T-Mobile. Must reward good behavior!


      I’ll have moved by that time…

  3. I am on T-mobile. Unless you are out of the coverage area for a significant amount of time, it shouldn’t matter. I spend a majority of time at home, work, and school, and in all of these areas I have 4G/LTE. I just switched from ATT and in the same exact place in excellent LTE coverage I had 23mps down on Tmo, and 6 down on ATT. This is just one users experience.

    1. Hmm, the fastest I’ve gotten on Tmo LTE is 17mbps, and that was with full bars.

      They haven’t begun to combine Metro’s 1700 spectrum to use it for Tmo’s LTE yet have they?

      I live in Connecticut, and have LTE both in Waterbury, and in New Haven. But the speed has never exceeded 20mbps.

  4. There is absolutely no reason to have a carrier other than TMobile if you are in a good TMobile coverage area. Every time I tell people what I pay for coverage on TMobile they think I’m lying. They have incredible pricing and quality service.

    1. How much do you pay?

      1. Five lines about $185

        1. Damn, that’s less them what I pay for 3 lines with Sprint, about $25 less a month. Nice!

          1. yeah i too used to be on sprint, had two phones (granted they were with insurance) and the bill would come to about $180 with a discount… on tmobile with a smaller discount, we’re looking at $130 for two lines with (JUMP/insurance) on one of them, and that price will drop to $100/mo, once her iphone is paid off and jump is cancelled.

        2. What’s the specs? Paying $214 after taxes and fees for 4 lines, shared 1500 landline minutes, unlimited mobile to mobile and unlimited data on Sprint.

      2. 2 Lines, 2GB on one, Unlimited (sans Tethering) on the other, $90/month. $40 / month in equipment subsidy.

        Granted, I’m on the pre-Uncarrier BYOD plan still, and no plans to change anytime soon.

      3. One line $63 unlimited talk, text and data.

  5. Exactly! Been saying this since they announced it! In a nutshell your subsidizing a phone and making payments at the same time so your double paying!

    1. That, or paying extra for more/better coverage than T-Mobile, and higher data speeds with LTE. Of course, this all depends on your area.

      1. T-mobile has LTE rolling out in masses, just not announcing it, and on average I get twice the speeds with it, then ATT.

        1. Actually, they have announced it. Where have you been? And nobody cares what you get. It depends on the area. In my area, TMO blows donkey balls. I stuck with them in hopes they would get their act together. After 12 years, they have not. Goodbye TMO; hello Verizon.

  6. Anyone know if this will be made available to GoPhone customers? There it would actually make sense.

    1. I think you may have answered your own questions without even knowing it. Since it would make better since to offer this to GoPhone customers (I have not facts to back this up, just going on your opinion) then it’s likely that AT&T will not offer it.

      1. I agree, but we can be optimistic, right? AT&T is still making money because you’re still paying 50% on a device that you don’t get to keep and AT&T gets to refurbish and sell. It would essentially make GoPhone a lot more like T-Mobile except still a lot less awesome and priced slightly higher but with a lot better coverage.

  7. AT&T offers more coverage outside of the major cities, but if T-Mobile had equal coverage AT&T still wouldn’t drop their prices. Shareholders want allow it.

  8. At least in most of CT I get great coverage. I travel between home in Waterbury, through Hartford to Windsor, take my Son to the Dr. in New Haven, and in just one small spot taking the backroads to NH do I ever drop to E or lose signal for maybe a quarter of a mile if that, the reset of the time I’m on H with a medium to strong signal

  9. I use TMobile and they are decent. Not best by any means but I have a $30 month plan which turns it into an awesome plan. I have 100 mins / unlimited texts / 5 GB Internet. I don’t talk much but text alot so its a perfect plan for me. Its a prepay plan so I have to bring my own phone in but thats what the Nexus phones are for.

  10. I wish there was someone charismatic like him on Canadian market. We’re getting f..ed whichever provider we choose, because they sleep in the same bed, alongside with Canadian counterpart of FCC.

  11. No grown man should use “OMG,” even on twitter.

  12. Why are tablets, such as the Nexus 7, significantly cheaper than phones? I get there aren’t cell antennas in most tablets, and phones are smaller, more compact, difficult to squeeze into, etc.. But tablets use more glass, larger battery.. I am just trying to figure out how they justify a $400 mark up. I mean, estimates are the Samsung Galaxy S4 costs $237 in parts. Retail is what, $640? Bleh … $400 mark up… Per phone? * how many sold? Glad I finally broke my “must have the latest!” addiction.

    1. Well, to be fair, there’s very little profit to be made in the nexus 7.
      As far as carrier-enabled tablets costing more,I believe it has to do with the manufacturer having to cover the royalties of the 3g technology. I may be wrong though. Plus, its pretty convenient as well. Nice to not have to pack around 2 devices if I want internet access away from wifi. Honestly, if I didn’t need the portability of a smartphone, I would ditch it and use a cellular enabled tablet instead.

  13. You had me at #Murica #FYeah

  14. The upcoming Verizon EDGE plan is even more of a blatant ripoff than AT&T’s!

  15. I wish more CEOs would call out their competitors. Grow some balls and tell it like it is.

  16. I just talked to at&t rep about their NEXT program. It seems like Legere is definitely right here. Rate plan is not cheaper yet I can’t “own” any phones if you choose to upgrade every 12 months while paying about $35 extra every month.
    $35 / month extra is calculated based on a regular high end smartphone, cost at about $650, divided into 12 months installment.

  17. @contraus. Tmobile’s truly unlimited is unlimited, no caps, no throttling so quit spreading disinformation.

    1. No they do throttle you. Unless you pay for unlimited which is an extra $20 a month. There plan comes with 500 mb. I just signed up with them. I have 2.5 gb for $10 a month. I usually only use about 1.8 gb.

      1. A not on a truly unlimited plan they don’t. I have unlimited everything on my S4 no caps no throttling and my wife has unlimited talk and text with 500 mgb for $ 133.

        1. Which is what I have.Contraus was claiming that it didn’t exist and he is wrong.

          1. Read up a few comments above. I explain everything there…^^^

    2. You are wrong. I don’t know how else to tell you that. Sorry to break the bad news to you. If you pay for 2 GB of data on TMO, you will receive a warning text when you approach near 2 GB. After that, the fun ends.

      1. Not only that, the throttling might as well be a cap – at least in my area. I went a day or two throttled just to see. It was worse than edge speeds, like 5-10k/s download speeds…

        1. Yeah, try to access the BofA app when you’re throttled. It’s pretty comical. Hell, try to access the BofA app on TMO’s 2G network. That’s even more hilarious. In fact, if I see the 4G turn to a 2G on my phone, I press the power button to close the screen, and then I pretend I don’t have a phone. That is my every day life with TMO.

      2. If you have a tiered plan then yes but that is not Tmobiles truly unlimited plan which you apparently are ignorant too.

        1. Well I’m eating crow for dinner. I just spoke with a TMO chat representative about this (Teresa L….very nice girl actually). She informed me that the new Simple Choice plan has truly unlimited data with no penalties, caps, throttling, etc. I asked if I could theoretically use 100 GB of data each month and not be slowed or capped and she said, “yes.” I had not heard of this “new” plan. I’m still on the old “fake” unlimited plan. I was wrong. And I’m sorry. Will you all forgive me? LOL. Dammit I hate being wrong…LOL. But at least I can admit it. Do I get any points for that?

          1. Also, I made sure this truly unlimited data would work on the LTE network once they get it up and running. She said once again, “yes.” So as of now, the truly unlimited data works for 4G and will work for LTE as well. Did I mention I hate being wrong? >.<

  18. I’m surprised more people aren’t excited about tmobile’s wifi calling. My friend lives in the middle of nowhere where nobody has service. And yet with wifi calling, I have perfect service.

  19. Switching back to Tmobile after 3 years of at&t. We’ve been paying $270 for 5 lines with At&t and are ending our contract early. Even with the ETF we still save money switching to Tmo’s new $110 family plan.

  20. I’d love to drop verizion like an old turd for T mobile but their rural coverage is laughable at best. I hope by the time my contract is up either att/verizion start matching TMO’s prices or TMO does something about their rural coverage. I live 2 miles outside springfield, Ohio and there is no TMO service here but 2g if you stand on your porch, but a mile down the road its full 4g (and its not hilly here either).

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