Jul 16th, 2013

verizon wireless august 23rd event nyc droid ultra

Verizon Wireless is about to bless the world with another device come July 23rd, as the wireless carrier has started issuing invites to a press event taking place in New York City that day. We immediately put on our thinking cap after checking out the caption that was on the invitation:

Please join us for an exclusive, invitation-only event where Verizon Wireless will unveil the next generation of one of their most popular family of devices.

A little deductive reasoning, shall we? We know it’s a running line of devices, so that rules out something like the HTC One. Their most popular family of devices — in their eyes, anyway — would be the DROID line. With only one DROID phone we know of in the pipeline, the answer might be easy: we’re about to be treated to news about the Motorola DROID Ultra.

This smartphone was first leaked on Motorola’s own website, with one of the pages letting us know that it will be available in a “bunch of glossy colors,” and that it would be just as slim and sleek as any of its devices has been. The floodgates opened from there, with the guys at @evleaks getting a look at the press render just a few short days later.


So far, we’ve learned that the Motorola DROID Ultra will be coming with a 10 megapixel camera sensor, one that’s of the same ilk that will be found on the Motorola Moto X. That particular camera promises better lowlight performance with its interesting RGBC color space. Whether or not that will be true once the device is actually out remains to be seen. Oh, and there’s enough Kevlar here to suit Batman, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Unfortunately, the buck stops there on any new information. Many folks were scared that the DROID Ultra would be a rebranded Motorola Moto X, but we’re happy to say that likely won’t be the case. This is an entirely separate device, and it’s one we sure can’t wait to get our hands on once Verizon permits us to do just that. As always, continue to stay tuned to Phandroid, and circle back July 23rd as we’ll be taking to New York City to bring you all of the juicy details we can.

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