Video: Moto X on Rogers leaked, hands-free voice actions in tow [UPDATE]


moto x

Looking for some details on what the Motorola Moto X offers? Head over to Google+ now!


  • Exclusive to Rogers in Canada with two (black and white) variants, launching in August.
  • Launch Google Now with your voice, without a single touch, in a manner similar to Google Glass. The trigger command is “OK Google Now”.
  • No notification light, with alerts appearing on the lockscreen under the time widget.
  • Launch the camera by twisting your wrist twice.
  • Take a photo by touching anywhere on the screen, or long-hold to take multiple photos.
  • Nothing mentioned regarding the customization capabilities

Update 1: I came across another video on Vimeo, and it looks like you can personalize the trigger command for the voice actions. In this video, the command used was “OK Moto Magic”, which makes me guess you can give your device any name you want.

Update 2: Fortunately, someone uploaded the video to YouTube, here’s the embedded version.




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  1. I wonder if these additional features are tied to a new version of Android or Moto software customization.

    1. I am hoping this is 4.3.1 or something

    2. This late in the game I wonder why it isn’t 5.0

      If we keep Jelly Bean for another year I will be extremely disappointed

      1. same, if they release 4.3 this month or early next, then we still have a shot at getting 5.0 later in the fall like around late October

    3. Looks like Moto to me. I’d expect the newer Android version to only launch some time in October, not yet.

    4. I got to play with this phone about a month ago. It had all the features described in the video and was running 4.2.2

      1. Calling bullshit. How did you apparently “play” with a Moto X?

        1. Regarding 4.2.2 there are CPU-Z screenshots on Anandtech showing all the HW specs (dual-core CPU and all), and the OS is listed as 4.2.2.

        2. people do work in the wireless industry (beyond retail). i used to be in it, and used to see a lotta stuff, just didnt publicize it, and laughed at the rumors sometimes.

    5. I don’t care if we remain on Jellybean for another year. Google IO was clearly showing the future of firmware updates. Why do you need to update the entire OS to add voice features? That is a more suitable from a “patch”/App update. Now with the new Google services, we get real time updates on our apps and even existing apps are being ported over to the Google Play! While yes I want to see Key Lime Pie, I rather see Android Revisions occur once a year and introduce 5-10 killer additions that updates to existing features and only 1-2 updates.

      1. JB 4.3?

      2. мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

        the new notification thing got me
        mad. On non-nexus devices, the led blinks in different, customizable
        colors. I know what my phone is telling me, without the screen lighting
        up. Also, I know to check the top bar, something in the center seems

        1. On my galaxy nexus my notification blinks different colors without my customization. The normal white for messages or gmail (only one that doubles up), green for eBay, blue for Facebook (when notifications are on), and purple for craigslist.

  2. Not satisified by the features..!!!

    1. While I haven’t played with the device yet, I’m quite certain that’s not all that the Moto X can do

  3. >Exclusive to Rogers
    … I really hope that’s not the case in the US, or it may suffer from the lack of sales.

  4. Eh. The phone looks chunky and unremarkable. The voice stuff is OK but it’s just not enough to overcome its mediocrity. Oh and that camera gesture? I’m not doing that. Ever.

    1. It doesn’t look chunky in the slightest. And no one cares that you’re not going to use the camera gesture you spoiled brat.

      1. The chunkiness mostly.

        1. No, she’s overweight. Quite overweight actually. I have harsh views on overweight people. But that’s another story. The phone isn’t thick at all.

          1. Let me guess you don’t agree with gay marriage either. Where the hell do people like you cone from?? Lmao

          2. they ride the small bus together

          3. My Aunty is gay, I have gay friends. I don’t care about gay people.

          4. You’re not a bright cookie are you (don’t answer that)?

        2. Hmm he never mentioned anything about the woman, don’t know why you brought that up.

        3. more cushion for pushin

        4. cough stupid cough

        5. If you’re so shallow as to pick on a woman’s weight, I don’t think I’ll bother with any of your other opinions.

    2. See? THIS is why phones with shite battery life.

  5. Probably wont be worth ditching my N4 for guess ill just wait for the next Nexus

  6. More removal of good features, more addition of stupid ones.

    1. What new features are dumb? Which old ones are good?

  7. Notice the transparent navigation keys while the camera app is open, big fan.

  8. If the price is right (say $199-$299) I may consider picking one up.

    1. Maybe 299. I am very happy with my Nexus 4 that I got for 299 (plus tax and shipping). I would keep this thing for the next couple years if it just had LTE. And from what I understand it already has the LTE radio so I guess they can make a decent smart phone for $299. The Nexus phones are not profit driven endeavors They are marketing endeavors for the phone makers. I assume they want to make some money on the moto x.

      1. Except the nexus 4 wasn’t assembled in the us…

  9. Gimmicks are a poor substitute for functionality. Let’s hope this thing is less annoying than it appears in the video.

  10. Between the features and the customization I’m certainly interested. It’s disappointing that there’s no notification light, but I’m getting this or the N5.

  11. I hope the variants are the only exclusives. How can features in tow be exclusive? That can be solved with a little system dump and rom flashing.

  12. Nothing new to compete with current phones today

  13. I don’t care how “cool” they think their notification system is, it’s not sufficient to replace a light, IMO. If I have my phone set on the counter and I’m doing something else, I want to be able to glance over at it occasionally and see if the light is blinking and, if so, which color is blinking. Unless their notification system keeps that notification on the screen at all times (and even then, it’s still not as effective for my needs), it’s fairly useless to me.

    Or, more simply put… a notification LED consumes almost no battery. Flipping the screen on and off is a waste, and it’s not even as handy. Why do manufacturers insist on omitting notification LEDs?

    I keep my phone in a Sena pouch. With my Note II, I can see the LED blinking without removing it from the pouch. How useful would this asshattery be with a pouch? Entirely effing useless. But I suppose it’s supposed to be cool?

    1. I’d be concerned by the battery usage too but I don’t see how it’s any less effective than an LED *if* it can be set to remain on while a notification is active. I often mistake a glint on the screen as an LED flash so I’d welcome more stand-out, informative notifications.

      Your point about the case is valid but I’d bet any money that Motorola will release a case with a cut out for the notification area (similar to the S4 flip cover).

      1. I don’t want a case on my phone, and I think that would apply ten times over for a phone which (allegedly) will allow the user to select the exterior appearance from a list of options.

        But maybe they’re saving a couple dollars per phone by omitting the LED- and if that helps them price this at $199, I support the decision because a) I’m not buying regardless and b) I really want to see Moto succeed and bring more jobs to US citizens to build these phones.

        Perhaps they’ll do it right for the “flagship” that’s supposed to follow the Moto X.

    2. what’s the difference between glancing over occasionally n seeing a light blinking random colors vs seeing an image of what the notification is. keep in mind most people dont know that their notification lights mean different things, if they even have that enabled at all, or if they even noticed that the light is different colors.

      Also a lot of people don’t use cases, and of the people that do use cases, most of them aren’t using pouches. (just going by what i have seen in the real world in my small sample size of nyc)

      the biggest drain of battery life is processor, people put a lot of emphasis on screen drain, which is does drain, but processor heavy tasks are the worst. Which is why you see reviews getting 9 hours of looping a video, but you only achieve 3 hours while playing a game.

      So it might be stupid to you, but it might be actually useful to a lot of people… and not just because it’s “cool.”

      1. I have notification lights on my N4 and have no idea what color is for what. I even installed Light Flow and still don’t pay attention to what color lights are blinking. The only thing I use my lights for is finding the phone in the dark :) If the screen lights up with notifications, I guess I’m still good.

        1. i have a nexus 4 too, and i didnt even realize the lights were different colors or which light corresponds to what lol. On my old Evo 4g i had the whole color coordination thing but i dunno sometimes i forgot which color was what when i had like 6 different colors notifying me.

  14. I feel like phone OS’s are starting to reach a plateau. I don’t really care for a lot of the new OS features. There needs to be more thought about giving me quick, non-intrusive access to the apps I need and this will help apps to feel more integrated into the OS. This is why the launcher seems pretty cool to me. And why do android phone manufacturers seem so against adding a camera button to launch the camera and take pictures.

  15. Why they choose a fat chick for their ad with a nose ring? And I like my notification light it’s very informative when you set colors for different notifications

    1. why are you an idiot?

      1. I’m sorry you must be fat

    2. I already had’er! Thats right kids… I already had’er!

  16. No notification light? dafuq?

  17. I think it’s a little much to have to say “OK Google Now”… Simply saying “Google” to my Nexus 4 when Google Now is open works just fine and is not a mouthful…

    1. Even “OK Google”

      1. It’s customizable.

        1. Customizable so that someone can call it “Siri”?

          1. I think that’s too short. There’s a guy in /r/android who has the phone and is answering questions and posting pics and vids, he said you have to set your phrase but that it won’t accept it if it’s too short.

  18. the new notification thing got me mad. On non-nexus devices, the led blinks in different, customizable colors. I know what my phone is telling me, without the screen lighting up. Also, I know to check the top bar, something in the center seems redundant.

    1. where is your imagination…you know devs will customize the hell out of this notification to make dif colors and show email icon or phone ic on n what not…i think its a cool idea…although i am still an avid notification light guru so i got mixed feelings….gnex/n4(i think) and droid razr hd had the best notifiaction lights

  19. “Jarvis!”

  20. as a guy who drives an 18 wheeler, working in a noisy environment is not a cool thing for me.

    let’s see what else it does.

  21. Looks good. However, why use a Qualcomm 8960??? Geez, that SOC is a year old. The hardware is dated before launch. Highend smartphones are arriving now with Snapdragon 800 so even if Moto wanted this to indeed be mid-range, they could still use the 600 or 400 series.

    1. Which video are you taking about?

      1. sorry about that.. I had another vimeo page open in another tab and mistakenly thought I had clicked to that vid from here.

        here is the link to the vid of the CPUz benchmark

        1. It’s a Snapdragon S4 Pro, not the 600. The benchmark isn’t lighting up all four cores on the 600.

          1. yep, the S4 Pro is the 8960, however follow-on commentary in the XDA thread offered skepticism that the S4 Pro could produce benchmark results consistent with the 600 (which at least here, it did). That had me puzzled.

            You are totally correct about the cores and I had forgotten that the S4Pro was dual core Krait while the 600 is quad core Krait.

            If it ships with S4 Pro, I’ll reaffirm my original complaint that launching a phone in August 2013 with mid-2012 SOCs is underwhelming for a phone that Google/Moto wants to be a blockbuster. Qualcomm was sampling Snapdragon 600/800 in January 2013 (and said it already had 50+design wins). Also, Qualcomm says Snapdragon 800 offers 75% performance enhancement over S4 Pro. If Google plans to spend $500 million marketing the MotoX, why choose hardware that’s subpar?

          2. The S4 Pro actually has a dual core and a quadcore variant. The quad core variant has a part number of 8064 and is found in the Nexus 4 amongst other devices.

  22. I’m switching to Rogers!!!

  23. Nice, like the hands free, now can we get information spoken back to the user without having to look at the screen.

  24. Can I program it to respond to “Okay HAL”?

  25. I probably would have removed the nose thing before doing the video.

    Otherwise, decent looking phone (battery life wasn’t mentioned though).

  26. My N4 scored 19K on the benchmark in the video (cpu identifier) , I’m guessing the Moto X score of 32k means the phone is a beast?

  27. This doesn’t appear to be the same phone that Eric Schmidt was seen with the other day that was said to be the x phone, the back appears to be completely different and it seems larger. What is the other one? Nexus 5, maybe?

    1. drugs are bad mmkay

  28. Once again google has proved to be the BEST advertiser for buying a samsung phone.
    No expandable storage, no removable battery, last years specs and software addons that arent worth the hardware trade offs.

    Note 3 (was waiting to see if moto x was going to be better), here i come.

  29. Losing the LED notification light is insanely stupid. I have laughed at Iphone for years that they haven’t figured that simple thing out and now google is taking it away? I may go to windows. lol.

  30. gives a new meaning to “hello moto!”

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