Jun 18th, 2013


Nvidia took to their blog today to talk about what else, but their bread and butter: GPU’s. It’s been a tough year for NVIDIA. Their next-gen Tegra 4 processors haven’t been too well adopted amongst Android OEM’s. Most smartphone and tablet manufacturers these days are turning to Qualcomm and their Snapdragon platform for all their computing needs, putting NVIDIA in a tight spot. But don’t worry, it looks like NVIDIA may have another plan.

According to their blog post, NVIDIA will expand their business model by licensing out their GPU’s, for use in mobile processors — starting with the Kepler. Whereas many chip makers go with Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR graphics for use in their mobile processors, NVIDIA now offers system-on-chip OEM’s another option. Does this mean we’ll soon see a Snapdragon processor with NVIDIA graphics on board? Although it’s far too early to say, I suppose it’s possible.