Official: NVIDIA to license out GPU’s to other chip makers



Nvidia took to their blog today to talk about what else, but their bread and butter: GPU’s. It’s been a tough year for NVIDIA. Their next-gen Tegra 4 processors haven’t been too well adopted amongst Android OEM’s. Most smartphone and tablet manufacturers these days are turning to Qualcomm and their Snapdragon platform for all their computing needs, putting NVIDIA in a tight spot. But don’t worry, it looks like NVIDIA may have another plan.

According to their blog post, NVIDIA will expand their business model by licensing out their GPU’s, for use in mobile processors — starting with the Kepler. Whereas many chip makers go with Imagination Technologies’ PowerVR graphics for use in their mobile processors, NVIDIA now offers system-on-chip OEM’s another option. Does this mean we’ll soon see a Snapdragon processor with NVIDIA graphics on board? Although it’s far too early to say, I suppose it’s possible.


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  1. It won’t be worth it until Maxwell — at least for the PC world it won’t be.

  2. Thats not going to work out anyway, even if they tend to do it. Still Nvidia will be slow or never will be giving the drivers for the android os. Thats how they lost their position.

    1. Prepare the Intel steamroller.

      1. Intel has been pumping their steamroller full of water lately… lets see if they add some firewood and get it to move :)

        1. Guys steamroller is AMD not intel clover trail is intel

          1. *facepalm* I hope that was sarcasm. Intel is about to steamroll everybody in the mobile sector.

          2. I could of said something about them trail blazing ahead of the competition you know

  3. I love Nvidia’s desktop cards. No match. I wasn’t a huge fan of my Tegra 3 though. It had nice graphics for gaming but wasn’t great as a CPU. I’m hoping the tegra 4 changes that.

    1. I agree, I used to be faithful to AMD but I kept getting compatability issues with several games. Since I moved to Nvidia, I’ve seen a rise in performance everything has been smooth.

  4. think this will benefit everyone including Qualcomm, sure they have
    bought AMD’s mobile division a couple years back, doesn’t mean they
    can’t take advantage of NVIDIA’s Kepler technology either.

    Hopefully this means that there will be a more diverse mobile GPU
    market going forward. Technology licensing benefits the market and the
    IP owner … instead of taking the Apple-style litigation route which
    benefits no-one.

  5. This is a smart move by Nvidia. Obviously the mainstream trend is towards integrated gfx. The only people still buying dedicated cards are the ones buying $300+ cards.

    On mobile, it makes sense. If they can make similar profit in licensing their gfx tech than they can in building their own chips, why not try and squeeze into Imagination Technologies’ turf?

    On PC, I’m surprised they haven’t done this already. Unless Intel doesn’t want their gfx tech (or more likely, Intel doesn’t want to give up any profit for it.)


  6. Linus Torvalds said it best. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about. Nvidia I’m glad their failing. After disabling overclocking on their Fermi/Kepler chips they can burn in Hell.

  7. I would be surprised you would ever see Snapdragon + Nvidia GPU together.

    If i read it correctly, they are licensing their GPU IP /Core like imagination that means buying company needs to have own app processor/GPU where they can integrate ( think of Apple A6, Samsung’s own CPU with Imagination GPU or intel own CPU with Imagination GPU or Snapdragon with Adreno GPU).
    Now who do you think would buy NVIDIA IP. Only potential candidate i can think of is Apple ( that is big if……but if they can pull that off it would be big but i would be surprise).

    Samsung semiconductor division would consider NVIDIA as their competitor for AP market and same with Qualcomm. Very unlikely partner.

    I think NVIDIA may be hopping that they can sell this to Chinese/Taiwanese companies ( it’s huge market) like mediatek/huawei and if LG Makes their own CPU they can offer them their GPU license.

    We will see..

    1. completely agreed

  8. Just stop with tegra exclusive crap and all good. But yea, could turn out to be good for the end user.

  9. Well it probably won’t happen…Qualcomm has spent a lot of money on their new GPUs. If it did though ….I would be so happy… finally i could play Tegra games on every new phone and tablet…. just about at least. but it sucks there starting it off with old technology. Kepler?

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