Jun 18th, 2013

LG Optimus G cocked

When it comes to Android devices, manufacturers are always busy at coming up with new ways to differentiate themselves from the pack, packing their devices with custom UI’s, hardware, and software features. Just take a look at Samsung’s TouchWiz Nature UX custom UI to see what we’re talking about, piled high with more features on top of Android than you can shake a stick at.

Long time rival LG isn’t about to sit back and let Samsung come up with all the good ideas (or not so good ideas). According to GottaBeMobile, LG is planning a new killer feature for their handsets in 2014 — always-on voice commands. That’s right, just like the Xbox One, you might find the next Optimus _ always listening, at your beck and call ready to execute voice commands at a moments notice, even while sleeping.

And we’re not just talking about sending text messages or opening an app, LG’s technology will give users the ability to pan around and zoom in applications like Google Maps all by voice. This means truly hands-free interactions with the device. Intriguing to say the least.

While a processor for this rumored device wasn’t revealed, this “innovative” new feature is already made possible in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 processor which has the ability to distinguish a user’s voice from others to prevent unauthorized access. Battery life is always a concern when we think of something as “always on,” but Qualcomm promises their feature will have a negligible effect on battery life.

What do you guys think? You think there could be a market for a completely voice controlled Android device, or is it just another gimmick?