Jun 18th, 2013

Joel and Ellie vs The World collage

I don’t know how many our readers are “gamers,” but I’ve been putting some hours into Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us since it was released last Friday. Without giving too much away, the game centers around Joel and Ellie, 2 people united by chance and mixed up in the post apocalyptic world where a fungus is transforming people into zombies (and turning everyone else into general douche bags).

Given the 2-people against the world premise, a Redditor took it upon himself to create a Scott Pilgrim vs The World mashup combining Bryan Lee O’Malley’s artwork with The Last of Us’ Joel and Ellie. The result is pure perfection. Because of the portrait orientation and its large size, the poster makes the perfect wallpaper on your Android smartphone. Thought someone out there might enjoy it as it looks perfect sitting on my HTC One’s 1080p lockscreen. Cheers, everyone!

[Full sized image link]

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