This is what’s inside Google Glass [TEARDOWN]


Wondering what the inside of Google Glass looks like? Sure you are — beauty’s only skin deep, remember?  Because we’re too wimpy to take our own Glass units apart, we were glad to see that another Glass Explorer — Star Simpson along with Scott Torborg — were willing to do the deed on their own units. Star remarks that it’s “surprisingly simple” in nature, with very clean engineering work waiting for them beneath the chassis.


The teardown revealed something we hadn’t known before, and that’s the device’s battery capacity. It’s 570mAh, which is quite nice considering its size. The glass houses SanDisk-based flash memory in the amount of 16GB, and is rocking TI’s dual-core OMAP4430 processor. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen that thing inside a phone, but we imagine it’s probably overkill for what Glass needs it to do.

Beyond that, the dynamic duo was happy to find out that Glass was quite simple to reassemble, which should mean good things for those who might require repairs down the line. Unfortunately, the result of the teardown didn’t come without some minor cosmetic damage, but the device was OK everywhere else.

We’re told it takes some nimble fingers and patience to get this thing apart without breaking anything. That’s no surprise considering the tiny bit of space Google had to work with in fitting all of this inside. Find more photos of the teardown over at their website if you’re interested, and be sure to read our Google Glass review if you want to know what this thing is all about.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. There is a nickle inside Google Glass?
    Whoa! Suddenly that price doesn’t seem that steep any more.

    1. XD I didn’t even notice that. I guess it’s just there for size comparison.

      1. Or they used the dime to pry it open.

        1. Or its an Easter egg for those who wonder what’s inside.

          1. Free money!

    2. Definitely a dime, friend.

      Worth even more.

      1. Ah, yes. Thanks.

  2. They gave them $2000 and only got a dime in change, after taxes and all.

    1. Why the hell does everyone have the price wrong for Glass? The price was the same for everyone and well.. that’s it. There are no other sources of information

  3. The dime was included for scaling purposes. It helps give an idea of how small the internal components are.

  4. Lol catwig.com I heard about those catwigs but that’s the first time I have seen one. What’s funny is you know that cat had nothing to do with putting that wig on

  5. Wow that is so cool! Plus more proof this is just a $250 phone accessory.

  6. More about the google glass! http://goo.gl/kwRMh

  7. The dime is there for a purpose. After the final build it was realized that the battery was half as thick as originally specced. The dime acts to complete the connection. Nothing to do with scale whatsoever.

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