Jun 13th, 2013


A new upgrade for Google+ has hit the Google Play Store, and I think many of you folks are going to like what you find. This update’s big thing is notifications, something quite important for any social networking experience. Notifications are now global, meaning anything you check on the web version will be reflected on mobile, and vice versa.

This is useful for people like me who switch between the two quite often and hate having to go through and dismiss all of them when you’ve already read them. This’ll work for both reading the notification or simply dismissing it. Google has also separated the notifications area into read and unread items. Another big change Google has added is a bell icon in the web version’s Google bar, and in the mobile version, to let you know if there’s new content waiting for you.

If all of that wasn’t enough, you ca now delete your Google+ photos from the photo view, the sliding navigation menu is now styled to be like other recent Google app updates such as Gmail and Play Music, and tapping into a post will now show you both the number of comments and the amount of reshares. All of that sound good enough? I thought it might — head over to the Google Play Store to grab it.

[via +Vic Gundotra]

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