AT&T LTE gets new coverage and expansions in 16 markets



AT&T has rolled out significant upgrades and expansions for its 4G LTE network. About 16 markets are affected in this latest round, with 11 new launches and five expansions. Folks in Salem, OR; Dover, MD; Dover, DE; Shelton, WA; Longview, WA; Leonardtown, MD; Asheville, NC; Culpepper, VA; Goldsboro, NC; Ocean City, MD; Roanoke, VA; Port Townsend, WA are all seeing new launches.

As for expansions, those in Casa Grande, AZ; Linglestown, PA; Fredericksberg, VA; Schenectady, NY; and Calvert County, MD and surrounding areas will be seeing expanded coverage. None of these cities alone are huge names, but hitting smaller cities on a regular basis is necessary if AT&T wants to meet its goal of hooking up their current HSPA+ footprint with LTE by the time it’s all said and done. Turn your 4G LTE phone or tablet on and see if you can start riding one of those high speed signals right now.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Yep, they turned it on here in Roanoke, VA last week and I promptly set out to disable it on my Galaxy S3 because my battery went from being a full day to about two and a half hours.

    It turns out, it is very easy to disable. One quick call to AT&T and I was all set.

    1. That’s a bummer! I get roughly 10-12 hours with non-stop 4G through my Verizon S3, with moderately heavy usage. Heavy continuous usage at work listening to podcasts, posting on forums, Youtube and numerous calls and texts nets me about 8 hours.

      There’s definitely something wrong with yours….you may want to download the free app GSAM battery and see what is really eating up your battery. Do you have a constant 4G signal where you’re at? Another big battery drain would be if your phone is jumping back and forth from 3G to 4G. Good luck!

    2. I don’t get that when on the LTE network; there must be other factors.

    3. I get 16 hours with considerable use on the S3 on LTE…

    4. You have other issues for sure, I have ATT S3 and and ATT Titan II Windows Phone both are LTE and have always been and I get a day easy out of them. I go 15 hours easily enough at times on the S3 no trouble, and the Titan II is better than that.

      I’m in an original rollout area for ATT LTE so I’ve had it since the first days and it has never negatively impacted my battery.

      Today though for instance I lost 47% of my battery in three hours but I rebooted my phone and it quit draining. I believe it was slacker radio going crazy in the background as it would not play music at all on my commute to work, I closed it but it must have been running in the background killing the battery. Happens often on Android it seems no matter what device I use, but every time I have a battery issue it is software related.

  2. I seriously think AT&T has some type of problem with South Carolina.

  3. Me likey LTE

  4. Good to know they are using their money to expand (like the new 67cent price hike) but it would be nice if they spent some on traditional coverage increase and not just LTE. You drive even a mile out of dense population areas and you might as well have a paperweight.

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