Twitter for Android update adds new camera roll view, richer notifications


2013-05-29 13.15.01

Twitter for Android has just been upgraded in the Google Play Store with a couple of new features worth paying attention to. The biggest change will be in the compose window. Things look a little bit tighter and easier on the eyes, but colors, fonts, and arrangement of elements aren’t the only things to see here.

Twitter has implemented a new camera roll view that’ll allow you to see your images within the context of the compose window when you want to upload an image with your post. Heading to the gallery app to make this selection wasn’t cumbersome or anything, but this is a great way to quickly access and post your photos without having to fumble around in a different app. You’ll also get to preview how your post will look once it goes live.

The app also features richer notifications which will include profile photos of the person interacting with you, as well as information on the type of interaction (whether it’s a retweet, a mention, a direct message, and more). To top that off, folks will now get notified whenever their friends join Twitter. Other enhancements and bug fixes have been applied, as well, so download the app and take a look for yourself. You can find Twitter for Android in the Google Play Store.

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  1. Awesome update. Might even start using it again…

  2. Now all they need to do is get their Vine development team to expedite the Android Vine app.

    1. Serious. I don’t understand what’s taking so long? Maybe they’re trying to ensure compatibility with all 5 million Android devices in the world?

      1. I’m wondering if that compatibility “issue” could be that not all of the 5million android phones out there have access to the same video drivers as the Iphones out there.

        1. EXACTLY. People act like developing for countless hardware variants is easy stuff. It’s not and the reason why a lot of developers don’t even bother porting apps/games to Android :/

          1. And yet smaller dev houses do it every day with way fewer resources. I just don’t buy that line of thinking and I say this as a professional android dev :-)

  3. Still no scrolling homescreen widget? Okay then, it’ll only get used for notifications.

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