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Samsung’s next big (literally and figuratively speaking) rumored phone is the Galaxy Note 3, and you’re probably looking for a safe haven to discuss every juicy piece of information that comes out about the phone. That safe haven exists over at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 section at AndroidForums.com. Folks are discussing this handset quite early, so by the time it launches later this year (we believe Samsung will unveil it this September at or around IFA Berlin) you know folks will be filing in by the boatload.

So far, we’ve learned that Samsung once thought about using metal for this release (though they reportedly ended up changing their minds), the device might have a 6-inch displayand 3GB of RAM, and the latest suggests a 13 megapixel zoom camera and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It’s shaping up to be quite the ridiculous device, and if you can’t contain your excitement and must share said excitement with others there’s no better place to be. Stop in and say hello, and be sure to participate in all the discussion surrounding Samsung’s next big thing.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. … ownage?

  2. I just hope it doesn’t lag because of all the (in my opinion) worthless samsung bloat like the gs4 does.

    1. Just disable and hide it

    2. Just root and uninstall the apps

  3. Just give it to me. Now.

  4. shut up and take my money…

  5. I want this phone

  6. If it doesn’t have an Octa core processor I’ll be disappointed. Samsung has to beef up some of the other specs, like 4 gigs ram, 64 gigs 2x sd storage for faster 13 mp camera, 64 bit os, an wide screen and keyboard interface, hdmi, and usb3. Dual os, android/windows, so that I can get rid of my laptop.

    1. Dude, are you trying to be a dictator of a country or what?

  7. Definitely won’t be as crappy as Galaxy S4.

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