Apr 29th, 2013

samsung galaxy note 3

If today’s rumors are to be believed it looks like Samsung is about to be the first to take the next big step in mobile computing. The company is apparently gearing up to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with a whopping 3GB of RAM. That sounds tiny in relation to computers, but in mobile technology — including most ARM-based tablets — 3GB of RAM is quite amazing.

Beyond that little nugget, we’re told to expect the phone to have a 5.99-inch display (which we’ll just round up to 6 inches for the sake of not indulging in Samsung’s .99 tactic that has become so widespread in retail pricing). For some, that is most certainly becoming too big for comfort.

I know we say it every time a bigger phone is introduced, but this time really feels like the last time — it’ll be hard for Samsung to get folks to accept a phone this big. Even with my gargantuan-sized mitts I find myself having to overstretch  my fingers to use the 5.5-inch Galaxy Note 2 in one-handed fashion. I can’t pass absolute judgment until I’ve held it myself, of course, but Samsung will have to do some major engineering work to convince me. Would you buy a 6-inch phone?

[via MyDrivers]

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