May 28th, 2013

Nexus 7 Bluetooth SIG JWR45B

Rumors of a refreshed Nexus 7 sporting a higher-res display and new Snapdragon processor have been making the rounds for a few months now. Once rumored for a Google I/O unveiling, things didn’t exactly pan out and Google had no new information on the quickly aging tab.

I guess it’s puzzling that a Nexus 7, showing the same model number as the current version, just made a trip to the Bluetooth SIG where it’s been awarded with Bluetooth certification almost a year since it’s been released. Strange? Definitely. What’s more is the documentation showing the device running a new Android build JWR11. While, there’s no way we can be sure it’s Android 4.3, it’s worth noting that Android 4.3 — along with API level 18 — is said to bring support for Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Could this be why the device revisited the Bluetooth SIG?

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