New Galaxy Note 3 rumors suggest 13 MP zoom camera and Snapdragon 800


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has been rumored for quite some time now. I think we all agree Samsung would be foolish not to release a third edition of this phone in a hotly contested market (that Samsung created, to its credit). Until now, the most we’ve heard regarding the oversized Android phone was that it could come in with at least 5.8 inches of HD display goodness and that it might come to market with a metal chassis (though latest rumors suggest Samsung decided to continue with the tried and true plastic).


Now, we’re getting a few more details about the camera itself. According to ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will feature a 13 megapixel camera. That doesn’t sound all that far off the mark considering the Galaxy S4 comes with a 13 megapixel camera as well, but the Note 3’s is said to be quite advanced for a smartphone. Samsung is reportedly testing out a 3x zoom mechanism, as well as hardware-driven optical image stabilization.

It doesn’t sound like ETNews was all that convinced Samsung would end up using this technology in the final product. For starters, Samsung is reportedly shying away from it because it can’t come up with a practical way to include a zoom sensor without substantially increasing the size of the device right now. The image stabilization could still be in play, though, which would still be a significant upgrade compared to the Galaxy S4.

We’re going to be hearing a lot of crazy rumors about this device over the coming months, folks, so if something sounds too good to be true it’s probably best to err on the side of caution. Take whatever comes with a grain of salt, because nothing is promised until Samsung makes this thing official. PS: the photo you see above is only a concept rendering.

[Update]: Just to add a bit more fuel to this fire, ZDNet Korea is also reporting that Samsung has employed the Snapdragon 800 processor for added horsepower. Doesn’t sound bad at all.

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  1. My next phone

    1. If I didn’t already own the note 2, id so get it. I get a phone every two years so for me it’s most likely note 4. i just wish the device size doesn’t get any bigger.

      1. I currently have a note 2, I would most likely wait about 6 months after the Note 3 is out and negociate an upgrade with my carrier. I usually switch phones every 1.5 years on 3 year contracts. It’s pretty easy to make a bit of profit by selling the phone on ebay (covers the upgrade fee and then some).

  2. I wonder what new stuff they’ll add with the S-Pen

    1. I’d like to see a scroll wheel in the S-pen

      1. Omg. that would be awesome. c;

        1. Yes definitely need to bring back the scroll wheel. Adding it to the S pen would be so innovative.

    2. The S pen is pretty nice, but aside from jotting down quick notes (the note app pops up when I pull out the pen) I haven’t really found any use from it.

  3. If motorola doesn’t come up with some maxx battery life beast to replace my aging Razr Maxx, I think I’d have to buy this thing next.

  4. Luckily I know for sure that the picture above is NOT the Note 3, it looks too ugly (IMO) and in case it will be, I rather to stay with my Note 2.

    1. yeah, atleast increase the brigthness of the screen in photoshop…

    2. Personally I like the render, but yes it’s no the Note III.

    3. I like it personally. I’m glad to see folks can read though.

  5. without front stereo speakers and fm radio, and if it bigger than my gnote2, it is a big “NO”.

  6. I hope that the speakers are upgraded to compete with the HTC One

  7. and also if they make it the size of international sgs2. Maybe some says…how come!? It is possible, if it is foldable!!! :-) as of now I enjoy my htc one and gnote2 for a long period of time.

  8. They could use a periscope-like mechanism for the zoom function. Use an angled mirror that bounces light from the lens down the length of the phone body. The zoom mechanisms could be housed this way, zooming into the mirror.

  9. Storage better be 32GB minimum or I’ll keep my money. 4000mAh battery would be nice too.

    1. I agree. And give the US the blasted 64gb option as well. Don’t be evil and make it exclusive.

    2. yeah seriously, it really pissed me off that my carrier only had 16GB while the GS3 was up to 32 GB.

    3. If LG can give 32GB on their Optimus G Pro, Samsung can’t have any excuses for releasing a mere 16GB version of the Note 3…Take note Samsung.

  10. I hate concept renderings

  11. I want to go to there. A Note 3 on a S2 design would be lovely.

  12. The latest rumour to hit Samsung Note 3 check it out! http://goo.gl/fxcP5

  13. Damn. I’m guessing this will end up being the US version. That means no Wolfson DAC. Guess I’m ordering international…

  14. that’s nice

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