May 16th, 2013

galaxy note 2 office

The last time we heard about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, we were hearing the Korean manufacturer was looking to go with a new metallic design for the upcoming smartphone. The move was an effort to improve its phones’ build quality after being worried about the beautiful finish of the HTC One. If new rumors are to be believed, it looks like Samsung could be playing it safe this go around.

According to a trusted insider of SamMobile’s, the company will look to continue with its plastic roots with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It would be an unfortunate turn of events, if true. It’s not that Samsung’s phones are built bad — they are actually quite solid to be plastic. But consumers want their phones to feel like they just spent $200-700 on them, and you don’t quite get that feeling with today’s designs.

Samsung tried to look the part with the Samsung Galaxy S4, with some folks mistaking the chrome-like band around the device for metal, but nope — that’s plastic, too. We’re not sure what the cause for Samsung’s stubbornness on the issue of design is, but we hope that stubbornness will evaporate at some point in the future.

This doesn’t mean Samsung was never thinking about changing up on the design of their mobile products. It could be that Samsung still isn’t comfortable enough to make a change at the current research and design level for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With most devices on a 12-18 month cycle, we’re already pretty far into the Note 3’s process — perhaps it just wasn’t in the cards.

But if Samsung really was thinking about going with a new design, we know they’ve been thinking about it before the Samsung Galaxy S4 was even announced. With that, we imagine the earliest timeline for change could begin with whatever the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S4 is, but as usual nothing is certain. The only thing we’re certain about is this — we’re tired of plastic, already. Do something drastic for a change, Samsung.

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