Samsung CEO says Galaxy S4 will reach 10 million in sales next week


Samsung Galaxy S4 TouchWiz

It’s been mere days since Samsung announced that Galaxy S4 sales reached 6 million units. Now the phone is on track to be the company’s fastest selling ever, according to CEO JK Shin. Shin revealed to reporters in Seoul on Thursday that the phone will top 10 million units sold sometime next week. If you’re doing the math, that’s picking up 4 million in sales within a range of seven days (plus or minus a few).

The surge to 10 million could have something do with the phone’s release on Verizon scheduled for May 23rd or it could simply speak to the insane popularity of the device. For comparison, it took the Galaxy S3 50 days to cross 10 million in sales. The Galaxy 4 will do so less than a month after its release.

[via KoreaTimes]

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  1. I’m not surprised hearing this.

  2. This really has become a two pony race. The problem with choosing the 3rd place finisher is that you sort of get left out in the cold. I chose the One X last year, and while there is some dev support, it’s dwindling pretty fast and it was never even close to the level of the SGS3. Resale value for my phone is garbage. There is a good amount of accessories, but nowhere near SGS3 levels.

    1. Yes.. and now you know. you’re the kind of people i’ve been trying to tell, get sammy. there is a reason why it’s the best. i don’t understand why people go for htc, they’re a compromised product. the only time I had an htc was when I didnt have a freakin choice with the dream g1. They don’t even support barely new phones, let alone old ones.

  3. Hey HTC, looks like you might be Samsunged again.

    1. Not quite. Man, this Samsung fanboy thing is getting as bad as Apple.

      1. Au contraire mon frere, check the numbers. People lie, numbers don’t.

        1. So they sell 10 million, does that mean everything else out there is worthless? No. Does everybody have to buy it? No. Most say the HTC One is superior to the Galaxy S4, so numbers don’t tell the whole story. Go with what you want, not what others tell you to want.

          1. Look chief you are entitled to your opinion just as I am. Let’s agree to disagree, ok?

          2. *laughing*

            “You’re entitled to your opinion, but it is different than mine, so shut up!”

            Love the logic there. Fanboys are so adorable.

          3. thats funny because you sound like a HTC fanboy hating on Samsung.

          4. That’s funny because I’ve not even mentioned HTC. …smh

          5. nobody says the One is superior to the S4.

          6. pretty much every android blogger uses the One as their personal device now.

          7. Sure they don’t. Every review has rated the S4 better.

          8. I dont think that statement is true. I believe the reviews on this very site say the opposite. But having used both, id say the gs4 looks better on paper. but the One is much better in hand.

          9. Reviews on this site support my statement. And every other website, for that matter. The only ones that don’t are on the take from HTC, and those only say “you can’t go wrong if you decide” on it. Otherwise, the Galaxy S4 is the best Android phone on the market, and will be until the S5 comes out.

          10. Fanboy detected, nothing to see here folks.

          11. Mentally deficient individual detected, point proven in response to others with direct quotes from sources cited. Reading has proven too difficult for this one, nothing to see here but a deflated, sore loser throwing around fanboy statements.

          12. Butthurt fanboy*

          13. Illiterate 14 year old moron with a girls hairstyle. Direct quotes and sources are impossible to ignore… falls back on fanboy comment again in desperate attempt to get last word, fails at both that and at pathetic attempts to grow facial hair.

          14. You are trying to hard. Good day, sir.

          15. Name one. Every review I’ve seen–Anandtech, TechnoBuffalo, BusinessInsider, even Phandroid’s comparison states that HTC One is the clear winner.

            They both suck anyways, though. Windows Phone 8 is waaaaay better than that DroidCrap.

          16. None of those websites say that. I’d recommend remedial reading classes.

          17. Really?

            Anandtech gives the HTC One the Editor’s Choice Gold Award, while not awarding it to the Galaxy S4. TechnoBuffalo gives the HTC One a 9.5 out of 10, and gives the Galaxy S4 a 9 out of 10. BusinessInsider calls the HTC One “the best Android phone you can buy”, and Phandroid readers voted in favor of HTC One as better than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

            I guess YOU need remedial reading classes, Anthony.

          18. Yes, really, as in *you* desperately need remedial reading classes, because if you knew how to read at a 1st grade level, you’d see that nowhere does it state what you’ve claimed.

            Anand – “So which is better? It really depends on what you value more.” Hmm… what’s that mean, precisely? You tell me since you’re the genius.
            TechnoBuffalo – “If you love Android and you’re looking for a new smartphone, you’ll need to choose between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One. In the end, we just favor the One design a tad more.” So… they favor the design… so help us understand how that makes the One the clear winner?
            Phandroid – “For many it will come down to a decision between the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, and you really can’t make a bad choice between the two.” Again, since you’re such an avid reader, explain to me how you’ve come to your conclusion.
            Business Insider – “Make no mistake about it, the Galaxy S4 is a great phone, and easily one of the best you can buy right now. [snip] As long as you don’t mind a bunch of plastic…” So, again, some fool that thinks aluminum makes the phone… ok……

            Maybe next time… try READING the things you claim stated what you claim they did. And at the end of the day, when the S4 sells 60 million, and the One struggles to sell, aptly, 1 million, ask yourself what the general populace has decided was better. Where’s your Mashable comparison? Your DPReview comparison? Not a single review yet has said the One is better – just some waffling garbage because they’ve been bought and their ad banners are a dead giveaway – yet there’s many stating otherwise. Hmmm…

          19. They like ‘teh shiny.’

          20. Truth.

      2. At least with Samsung people have reasons to be such as their ideas and innovation. What drives the Apple fans no one knows.

        1. “Innovation”? Google and Samsung (and HTC, and LG, and Huawei) just copied Apple, no originality whatsoever. Before the iPhone came out, Android prototypes were BlackBerry clones. Then they changed it to copy Apple.

          Microsoft, on the other hand, saw flaws in the iOS/Android design, and improved on it, creating the most intuitive interface in the history of mobile computing.

          Windows Phone FTW.

          1. WP8 is the best OS in mobile. Eventually, the best products win. Right now the smartphone market share breakdown looks like this, according to Gartner’s figures:

            Android – 74.4%
            iPhone – 18.2%
            Everything Else – 7.5%

            Right now, it is a two-horse race, with iOS dominating the high-end, and Android dominating the low-to-mid price range.

            BUT, that will change. Microsoft has won EVERY market they’ve entered–IE dominates web browsing with 50%+ market share, Windows dominates the PC market with 95%+ share, Xbox dominates the console market, Office is installed on every corporate computer in the world… the list goes on and on. If Microsoft wants something, they will get it.

          2. iOS really dominates the high end? What criteria determines high-end to mid-level and low price range?

            If it’s costs, then yes, the iPhone is a high end device. If it’s features, then I would argue that the iPhone is a mid level device.

          3. Oh really? Android phones do not even have proper graphics, security, native C/C++ apps, system updates, tons of exclusive apps, hardware silent switch, full device backups, etc.

            Android’s features are copied from iOS.

            Microsoft’s features are completely rethought and revolutionized using the cleanest interface in the history of computing.

            In the end, Microsoft always wins. Microsoft beat Apple in the PC war, leaving them with a minuscule 4% market share. Microsoft beat Corel and Lotus in the productivity space, and Office is installed on nearly every computer these days, as well as being accessible from the web from any Windows PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPad, or Playbook (but no Android support). Nobody thought Microsoft could dethrone Sony, but they did, and now Xbox is number 1. Zune was just ahead of its time.

          4. They didn’t succeed always. Remember Zune for example?

          5. Zune was ahead of its time. Every other market they’ve been in, they’ve won majority share.

          6. So the Zune gets an easy out to your all-encompassing statement earlier?

            The zune sucked. It was also NOT ahead of it’s time. It was a music player…right? It debuted in 2006 (November 14th to be exact). The iPod debuted in 2001 (November 10th).

            Thanks for not answering my question earlier, by simply spouting out what android doesn’t have. Enjoy your Windows Phone. My best friend replaced his iPhone with the Lumia and he’s miserable. Lucky for him he only has to bide his time until MS takes over the market place…unless, of course, the Windows Phone platform is ahead of it’s time……..

          7. Zune had a more advanced interface that the world wasn’t ready for. Your best friend is holding it wrong.

          8. Thanks for the laugh when I woke up this morning. That has got to be two of the most ridiculous statements I have ever heard…and they’re right next to each other. Advanced interface that people can’t understand means it’s developed wrong. Nice try though.

            A friend of mine once had the Samsung stratosphere. It would reboot, lag, force close apps all the time, etc. I told him I’m sorry, but the problem lied within the phone and not android, but to give android (and Samsung) another chance with the S3. He did and loves it. He wasn’t holding the phone wrong. I’m not closed minded enough to say that the phone sucked.

            However, I’ll give your suggestion a shot. I’ll text my buddy and tell him that if he were to hold the phone at a different angle, or maybe a different way in his hand, that he can THEN find the apps that he needs to better utilize his phone for work. Who knows…maybe that’s an MS easter egg!

          9. “the apps that he needs to better utilize his phone for work”? Come on, the Lumia has legit Microsoft Office. But I guess your best friend is pissed because he can’t use the iOS Notes app on WP8.

          10. Are you trying to make fun of the 5 remaining Microsoft fanboys on this planet?

          11. 5? Try 2 billion…

          12. When do you forecast that MS will take over the market share?

            I’m not asking to prove a fact, serious question, isn’t IE losing ground in the browser market? I thought Chrome was the most popular browser in the world now…

          13. Nope. IE is the most popular browser with 50% market share. Chrome isn’t even Number 2–Firefox is.


            As for Microsoft taking majority share in the smartphone market, I say 2016.

          14. I probably should have been more specific and labeled the time frame. The site you listed initially was from Feb 2012-March 2012. The site you listed also shows hardly any change to the current timeframe, and a Safari browser that is hardly used. With as many Apple devices that are out there, I would expect more Safari usage. This leads me to believe that you left out the mobile market. Here are 3 different sites’ statistics that show a different side of things. Perhaps you can stop fanning flames around here now.




          15. Statcounter measures by pageviews, not unique visitors. All that shows is that Chrome and Firefox users are nerdier and spend more time online.

            And the site I listed was from May 2012 to April 2013, with Safari taking a respectable 12% of the market. Yes, mobile was included.
            Click the link and weep.


          16. Best of luck to you in the future. I hope you enjoy watching the future of the WIndows Phone platform. I also hope you can come with better excuses for why the WP platform is having trouble gripping the marketplace, but I’m sure we’ll all be bowing to MS by 2016.

          17. Having trouble gripping the marketplace? Windows Phone is the choice of most first-time smartphone buyers!


          18. Bahahahaha. I thought you couldn’t top it from earlier. Kudos.

          19. Did you read the article? Everyone knows Joe Wilcox and his cronies over at Betanews are the world’s best tech bloggers! Everything they say = pure truth.

          20. you mean like the Zunes dominance?

          21. Windows Phone got Zuned.

  4. samsung s4 is the best phone in the market hopefully in 2 years apple iphone7 will catch. iphone5 is pos compared to S4

  5. This is one major reason why I’m going with the GS4 over the HTC One. Accessory support will be so much greater…especially when you add in accessories that will support the GS3 as well. There is enough market share to get the attention of manufacturers.
    I REALLY hope the GS5 will retain the same exact shape, size and form of the GS4 so manufacturers can make docks and cases, etc that fit that size – which is exactly why the iphone had such great success in that market.

    1. Then everybody will really start bitching about Samsung be the new Apple. :p

  6. you mean 10 million setting on store shelves and some returned do to lag

    1. If only this phone was the Google Edition stock for $199 from all carriers.

      Rooting, unlocking the bootloader, and installing CM10.1 is pretty easy i heard though.

    2. Is that 10 million going to remain on store shelves?


      Go find some other site to troll. You’re extremely bad at it.

    3. due* FAIL

    4. Gosh, I never heard of that argument before like from SG3 sales…oh wait we did.

      Next month you will have to write that same message but instead of 10 million it will be 20 million GS4. See you then.

  7. Not shocked as everybody and my great grand mom knows the Galaxy name, but ummm.. I’ll keep my gorgeous and snappy HTC One. :)

  8. This is great!! Go Samsung!!! Reading some reviews it’s like people are hatting Samsung because it’s success. We are all Android fans and innovation is good thing. It will push other carriers to step up their game. Perfect example, HTC hit a home run with the One. The more they compete, the better of a phone e and more feature rich phone will the consumer get. As long as Android is in the #1 spot, I can care less what manufacturer it is. So far Samsung leads the pack.

    1. Why isn’t this the top comment?

      Too reasonable and rational? (I think I just answered my own question…)

      Ah. Good to see reason won out in the end. Faith in humanity partially restored.

      Now if the idiot trolls and flamers could just find some other site to play at…

      1. They are all at phonearena.com. Its becoming a Samsung hating sausage
        feast over there. I agree with Joel 100%. People seem to hate Samsung using plastic because they have nothing legit to whine about. Sad.

        1. They can hate all they want, just makes them feel bad hahaha. Samsung making 95% of all android profit just crack me up. ! Class leading hardare, software, updates, = billions. Keep innovating Sammy

        2. Yep. And yet the S4 is the fastest selling android phone of all time. Haters are really mad now and I absolutely love it.

          1. I guess the Radio City production wasn’t such a fail after all.

          2. Yep. But it was still embarrassing lol.

  9. wow in sales? i could see shipments but sales… that’s crazy!

    1. Sales = Shipments. When Samsung says their sales of the phone is 10 million units, they are talking about the sale/shipments to distributors/retailers like AT&T, T-mobile, Best Buy… etc. It works all the same with manufacturing companies. It’s accounting 101.

      What they don’t tell you is how much they have reserved as returns…

      1. To be fair, I am sure every manufacturer records sales stats in the best possible light, so Samsung, HTC and Apple are all on equal footing.

  10. Does anybody know how fast the iphone 5 sold? I remember arguing with with someone that the s3 beat out the iphone 5

    1. iPhone 5 = 5 million in 3 days
      Galaxy S4 = 10 million in a month

      Samsung is Number 1 overall, but when it comes to sales of a single phone, Apple is still king… for now.

      1. I recently went from the sgs3 to the iPhone 5 because the sgs3 was ery lâggy, the camera is awful and feels cheap. I mist say the iPhone 5 is the best thing that’s ever happened to

        1. You’re not the real Phatman.

          1. If you see this guy comment just report him, for some reason he likes to clone my account and trolls the boards I comment in. Mods please delete his comment and ban him

          2. You sound pretty desperate to me phat, so you said I wasn’t bothering you? :]

  11. I wonder if this is the year a specific Android phone overtakes the iPhone in sales, its going to happen, the question is when. When it does its will be devastating news for Apple.

  12. Waiting for the 64 gig or at least 32 VZW version

  13. Samsung has earned some loyalty from me; they are still providing updates 2 years after the S2 was released.

    This will carry weight on my next phone purchase.

  14. I bet all the discounted Galaxy S3s are flying off the shelves as well!

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