May 15th, 2013


In news that shouldn’t shock many at all, it has been recently revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has shipped over six million units as of May 10th. That number would make this device the fastest selling smartphone in Samsung history, though such a feat wasn’t hard to predict after Samsung reached impressive heights with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The company’s aggressive marketing campaign also helped, as they aggressively targeted Apple consumes and touted new innovative features.

It’s worthy to note that shipment numbers and sell-through rates aren’t the same thing, but we have a feeling those six million units sitting in carrier and retailer warehouses will have no problem being moved over the course of the next month or two. Samsung might make even more waves today if recent rumors are to be believed.

The company is rumored to be announcing a Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, which would essentially be a Galaxy S4 without TouchWiz. We’re not sold on it just yet, but considering we’re just under an hour away from the Google IO keynote the wait to see if this rumor is true won’t be unbearably long.

Samsung has a major advantage these next few months, with its biggest competitor — Apple — said to be skipping the entire summer without a device launch. That gives Samsung plenty of time to show folks just how nice the device is and entice them to drop $200 or more on it. Our Samsung Galaxy S4 review alluded to how great the device was. Even though it was more of an iterative release compared to the Galaxy S3, the device still came out on top of most of the rest of the smartphone pile.

Samsung’s only threat for the foreseeable future is the HTC One, a hot smartphone which folks believe is the Taiwanese company’s best work yet. Chris testified that much in his review of the device, praising HTC’s slick software and sleek hardware. It’ll be an interesting horse race between these two behemoths, though we imagine both companies will be happy with their respective results by the time it’s all said and done.

[via Chosun]

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