NVIDIA SHIELD pre-orders moved up, begin today for $350



If you’re hankering to get your hands on NVIDIA’s SHIELD handheld gaming console, you will no longer have to wait until next week to pre-order. Due to anxious retail partners, NVIDIA has pushed the pre-sale date up to today. That’s right, you can go put down $350 toward the Android-based device right now.

NVIDIA had initially planned to launch pre-orders next week on may 20th, but retailers wanted to capitalize on growing buzz around the unique Android gaming handheld. Interested parties can order SHIELD through NVIDIA’s site as well as Neweggg, Gamestop, and Canada Computer as of today.

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  1. soon apple will copy this and trade mark it. Iphone5 is 3 year old os hardware technology.

    1. Well, Apple did realize that there are millions of kids out there who won’t get a data plan. That is why they all have iPods instead of an equivalent android device. About time someone thought of the children. :)

  2. I just don’t see the demand for this type of niche device anymore. With the proliferation of smartphones (which are gaming devices, in their own right (especially the high-end ones)), will a dedicated portable gaming device be desired enough to make this profitable? Smartphones’ hardware is ever more innovative and impressive in capability. As someone who already owns a 17″ Win7 gaming laptop, PS3, and Droid Bionic (running Jelly Bean 4.1) I have no reason to go out and buy something else to play video games on. Back in the day, however, I did own several generations of the Game Boy and one Sega Game Gear.

    Just my two cents.

    1. Battery life. I carry a zune, my gs3 and my psvita. I can enjoy all three without the dwindling life. And there’s not enough hardcore phone games for me to even consider it. Alot of gamers prefer physical controllers.

      1. I do, that’s why it’s only casual games for me while out and about and real games when I get home. I wanted a Vita, but I would never take it with me so it would just be a waste. If I need more battery life I’d get an extended battery, it’s not as bulky as carrying multiple devices.

        1. Depends on how much you carry things. I have a courier bag and my zune is smaller than an ipod. My phone stays in my pocket. Vita normally in its case in my bag.

    2. Back in the day I had handhelds too, but that’s when we had more time and a backpack to carry it.

  3. ?: Can I add my own gaming s/w (that I developed) to this device for testing. Info on this is fuzzy…

    1. It would be great if it does!

  4. I do not understand all the “growing buzz” Mostly what I have seen are people denouncing the device and stating it is not something they’d bother purchasing… I do not think Nvidia actually reads online “buzz” anymore..

  5. Price drops after 3 months, guaranteed!

  6. Pass

  7. they should’ve released it before the hype died down

  8. I’ll get a game stick or ouya and a bluetooth controller for my note or gs3 cheaper than this!

  9. I’m enjoying my MOGA Pro and still questioning whether this is worth anything near $350.00. Especially when my next phone will probably be just as powerful as the Shield (if not more so).

  10. I’d pay that much. Consider what it offers!

  11. I would so much rather spend $350 bucks on a really good gpu (or a second gpu) and sit in front of my nice big screen.

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