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Rovio, the esteemed development studio behind hit mobile game Angry Birds, and other titles like The Croods and Bad Piggies, has announced Rovio accounts. It’s a service that will allow you to save your progress for use across different devices and platforms. Folks often upgrade to newer phones or get tablets and have to start all over, but this solves that problem the best way Rovio can at the time being.

For now, the feature is only available in the Croods on a global basis, and on the classic version of Angry Birds on iOS in Finland and Poland. We should see it rolled out to more games, platforms and countries in the near future. Perhaps that new Game Center-esque feature Google’s rumored to be bringing will help solve the problem of device migration for all developers, but for now Rovio is the only one to have taken that major step (outside of MMOs, of course). Give it a shot if you can.

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  1. Titanium Backup

    1. That doesn’t allow you to sync up multiple devices with the same progress. I’ve been using Rovio account since the Croods came out and have my progress sync’d across my S3, Note, and Tab. One thing that is missing from this article is that Rovio accounts are not cross-platform. An account you create on Android stays on android. It cannot be used on iOS and vice versa.

  2. I can’t wait to see Google’s version of gamecenter. :)

    Then, I hope, we’ll have syncing like this with all games.

  3. 2 years too late.

  4. I will wait to put AB games on my GS2. Even if that means 2014. If it’s that long and I should happen to have a new phone, same thing will apply. I am tired of starting all over again. I would be happy to see it work on my tablet and my cell.


  5. This is a great idea, but really, it does need to come from Google so any developer can put their game saves (and other important info) in the clouds. Would be nice to download any app you use on a new device and have all your options and settings carry over just by logging in.

  6. Of course this happens after my Gnexus screen breaks…

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