HTC One pops back up in red, this time at UK retailer’s site



Back when HTC first announced the HTC One, the company “mistakenly” published a graphic of a red version of it on its own website. The listing was promptly removed, and HTC brushed it off as a mistake that one of its coders made. We’re sure that was more than just a mishap, though — designers don’t just accidentally whip up nice, clean renders of their flagship phones in colors they don’t intend to sell them in.

As you can already tell, we never jumped on HTC’s word that silver and black would be the only colors this device would launch in as gospel. That’s why we were only halfway shocked to see UK retailer HandTec post a listing of the device in crimson-clad armor online.

The listing is showing as out-of-stock, and the muddy low-quality image used doesn’t do much to convince us, but we can’t help but think this is more than just another mistake by a different company. We’ve dropped HTC a line to see if they have anything different to say about the existence of this color variation compared to three months ago, so be sure to check back for an update.

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  1. That thing looks AWESOME in red

  2. Where is the 3D picture?

  3. Looks nice maybe Verizon will get smart and sell the red One

  4. I have to admit, red and black one looks hella better than the silver

    1. I don’t know why, but I love the silver one. The red one looks sweet as well, but I really like the look of the silver.

  5. Red handsets in the UK are usually Vodafone exclusives. If I’m right it should show up on their site in the short term.

    1. this color mix will also work for verizon wireless as htc has done for the droid incredible series in the past.

      1. The phone was on a UK Retailer’s website, though. It’s unlikely that this will be a Verizon exclusive, most likely it will be Vodafone’s.

      2. it usually is. although the red s3 was on att exclusively

  6. I’ve given up trying to buy a One in time to take advantage of the extended trade-in deal. They’ve obviously rushed the thing out to try to sell as many as they can before it’s creamed by the S4. T-Mobile never has any in stock and won’t unlock the sim for 40 days anyway, and the HTC stand in the mall tries to flog the unlocked version to me even though it lacks the HSPA AWS bands. Nice though the One undoubtedly is, I think I’ll just wait a few weeks for the bigger screen & sd slot on the S4.

    1. Cool Story brah! You sound like a paid shill by the way.

  7. I like that. This would be pretty kickass in metallic platinum, or dark grey.

  8. dude why can’t they just make customizable metal casing an option on their retailer site? Like all colors of the rainbow..i would LOVE a golden yellow casing, or a lime green one. How come asia always gets amazing customization options for their gadgets, and amurrica is just stuck with boring black, white, & silver so that even “slate gray” seems “special edition”..sigh. http://bit.ly/103DV1u

  9. As much as I would love to get my hands on a red HTC One, this isn’t new. Handtec has had the red variant, listed as “Out of Stock,” from almost the beginning. I don’t think this really changes anything.

  10. It’s got to be real because unless it’s a coincidence but HTC’s double dipped cases have three colors to them, Grey/Silver, Red and Black.
    I have the hard case it’s awesome!

  11. I would re-sign with Verizon in a flash if they got a Red version,………I LUV IT!!

  12. hey no credits to the guy who send u the tip??

  13. I just dont understand why these companies dont drop these colors at the same time…..I am going to wait like 4-5 months before purchasing these devices because they release colors late after im stuck with one color…..

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