New Google I/O sessions, after-hours parties, and perks, oh my!



We’re inching closer and closer to Google I/O, and we’re getting a better idea of what to expect from the show as far as schedules and perks. We already pondered about some of the things Google might not be ready to reveal until its keynote, but some of the less secret stuff is already out. For starters, even more sessions have been added to a list that was already jam-packed. There are only a few new ones so get over there and check out the full slate for yourself.

Google I/O Parties and Events

Google has also informed attendees of some nice related after-hours events going on. One of the most interesting will be Pitch Night on May 16th, an opportunity for budding developers and startups to pitch their ideas to investors. Google’s inviting hopefuls to its San Francisco offices for drinks and food, and it won’t just be a soiree of all talk, either — there will be an actual panel of judges voting on ideas, with the winners getting private coaching and free Google Cloud credits. You can RSVP for that here.

Also new this year is I/O Nightcap, hosted by the Google Engineering team. This fun trivia event gives attendees a chance to win prizes for displaying an awesome show of knowledge, and because it’s being hosted at the ThirstyBear Brewing Company there will be plenty of time to wet your whistle with a cold brew or two (or three). This event conflicts with Pitch Night on May 16th so it’s up to you to decide which one is worth your interest. You can RSVP here.

Another event conflicting with that one is the GeoMeetup gathering being put on by O’Reilly, Google, and NextSpace. Pizza, drinks, and the whole shebang — you know how the drill goes. The event is open to anyone in the area, be it a Google I/O attendee or someone who just wants to meetup and hangout, so think about going even if you couldn’t grab yourself a ticket to the big show. Space is limited so head to and stamp your ticket.

Oh, and don’t forget Google’s keeping the After Hours Party train rolling this year. It typically involves awesome live music, amazing visuals, fun booths and all the food and drinks you can handle. We even met Vic Gundotra at one of those before! If it’s anything like past After Hours parties then you absolutely don’t want to miss it. This one’s on May 15th at the Moscone West so there shouldn’t be anything on your schedule that should keep you away.

Google I/O Giveaways and Perks

Google also revealed one of the perks they’d be awarding to those who attend. Before you get excited and explode in glee, Google has not confirmed that they would be giving away cool devices and other services. We have a feeling they might, but you know how that goes — we won’t know until the keynote is over.

But if you’ve been dying to get into the Ingress beta you’ll be happy to know that all attendees will be receiving Ingress codes to their inbox within a couple of days. That code will allow you to get all setup for the live Ingress games and special events that will be going on around San Francisco. It’s a chance for you to play Ingress at its best, and it gives you a chance to see how Niantic meant for it to be. (Because some areas just aren’t as fun as others right now.)

That’s about it for now, folks, but you know we’ll keep you updated on everything I/O as soon as we hear it. Don’t forget to stick tuned to Phandroid once the event actually kicks off because we’ll be there live to cover it all. Go fix your calendars up and get ready!

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  1. Will phandroid give away the gifts in contests like last time?

    1. Might have to kill me for my stuff. I spend 24 hours in some cramped airplane seat and I come back empty handed? No way.

      PS: I’m not aware of any official plans. Rob will have to break the good/bad news himself.

      1. Awwwwhhhh I feel so sorry for you…..but worry no longer!
        I volunteer to go in your place and even let you have 1 devic…ermmm cookie when they hand those out :D


        1. Damn, I was pretty much ready to do that, but just asked the people at Google and they said tickets are non-transferable. Sorry dude, looks like I’m going to have to go myself. Sheesh

          1. I knew you were going to say that…..I read that non-refundable part too.

            Then again, just mail me your IDcard…..I’m sure they can;t tell the difference between someone from India and one from Surinam….I got you covered…I’ll just pretend to be you :D

            If they question me, I’ll just chant one of those bollywood songs and dance my way through xD

  2. Excited to hear Raveesh will be attending for the first time, if I read his earlier post correctly. Hope you Phandroid guys have a cool initiation planned.

    1. Yep I’ll be there (though that means no weekend posts this time).

  3. I’ve already received my Ingress invite. If anyone wants the activation code, it is JI6KJE8E (I was fortunate enough to get one some time back).

    1. For those trying to use Raveesh’s code, someone already grabbed it. Even though I didn’t get to use it, thanks for sharing Raveesh.

      1. I’ll try to get a few more of my friends to give away their codes over here, as long as they’re already on Ingress

      2. And they didn’t even say thank you! :-

  4. Given that they’ll want everyone to play Ingress, I’m guessing there’s a GSM model cell phone being given away on the first day.

    1. Ingress actually starts on Day 0, with the pre-registrations taking place on 14

  5. hehe i always wonder what happens at nerdy after-hours parties.. classy cocktails? or RIDICULOUS HACKATHON DRINKING GAMES?! hahaha

  6. usb security key for encryption/ decryption or maybe even identification?

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