What is this mystery LG phone?


leaked lg mystery phone

LG has had a lot on its plate these past few months. After it launched the latest Nexus handset, LG has had major product launches in both the LG Optimus G and the LG Optimus G Pro. With those two checked off , the company is right back to work on another masterpiece to help improve its standing in the smartphone race. The only problem is we have no idea what this device is suppose to be.

Pictured to the left, this mystery device was leaked by @evleaks over the weekend and there’s no name attached to it. As such, this could be anything — from an LG Optimus G2 to a brand new Nexus device. The photo doesn’t give many obvious hints right off the bat, but if you take a look under the display there doesn’t appear to be any home button.

Why is that significant, you ask? Well, both of LG’s aforementioned knockouts have had physical home buttons. The last phone that didn’t have one was the Nexus 4. We’re not saying LG is reprising its role as Google’s best friend for the next Nexus device, but it’s something to think about. Recent rumors have pointed to LG getting another nod despite Motorola working on its dream phone with Google.

It’ll take a bit more probing to find out what this device will become ahead of any official announcement, but feel free to to discuss among yourselves in the comments below. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind another LG-crafted Nexus handset for 2013.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Speculations

      1. No one wants SAR’s

    1. Not to mention if it was a Nexus it wouldn’t have a giant LG logo on the front.

  2. Do we really think LG would get the nexus again. I heard they are just launching a Nexus 4s with the same specs as the Nexus 4 but with 32 GB storage and LTE. Do we have any more information about that?

  3. That thin bezel is intriguing. Also look at the size of the phone in comparison to the MicroUSB; it looks to be a big phone, maybe a phablet from LG?

  4. LG has the Nexus 5 contract. That’s already been confirmed. This phone is probably a follow up to the Optimus G. I’m thinking the Nexus 5 will look similar to this phone.

    1. I haven’t heard anything about what your saying, except for a rumor from some Korean newspaper. Let’s hope it’s a lie and that they either go back to Samsung, who made the last good nexus device or Sony as their the most developer-friendly company to the current time.

      1. Stop projecting your preferences onto everyone else , thanks.

    2. Its not confirmed.

  5. A Nexus device probably wouldnt have that LG logo @the bottom.

    1. Yes, but the Nexus 5 could be based on that phone, but might look different, like the Nexus 4 and the Optimus G. Anyway a 5″ screen Nexus 5 in about the same package size as the Nexus 4 would be sweet.

  6. is it me or does that photo seem very photoshop’d the shadowing seems off considering the glare of the light and the shadow are on the same side (left) and the glare looks like something out of a comic book

  7. iphone 7

  8. I recall saying that LG was going to make the next Nexus device and everyone thought I was crazy. Look at my big white Nostradamus a$$ now!

  9. It is worthwhile to point out that this device has no capacitive buttons, while the lg optimus g pro does, this leads itself to either LG is going to stop using them and use onscreen ones, or this is a nexus device.

  10. It’s kinda ugly imho

  11. I don’t mind LG.

  12. I know the picture isn’t clear, but I really don’t like the design.

  13. Why does the ear piece cover the “L” in @evleaks?

    1. It doesn’t. @evleaks has some transparency to it, and the reflection is white making it look obscured at tiny-size. If you click on the image in the article, it makes it biggie-sized and you can see what’s up with the logo.

  14. BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH dundundun http://bit.ly/aH4IQ1

  15. It’s not square enough

  16. Who cares? I want my Optimus G Pro or equivalent for Sprint!

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