The Glass Collective will help fuel Google Glass development, Explorer Edition shipping within a month


Google and the many consumers around the world aren’t the only ones hoping Google Glass will take off. Bill Maris, the vice president of Google Ventures, has announced the Glass Collective, a new initiative headed up by a tight-knit group of investors who will reward developers with startup funds to innovate with Google Glass. It’s a great move that should spur development and bring some very interesting ideas to reality.

The only problem is that there really isn’t a way for developers to start mapping out their ideas without a 100% clear vision of what to expect from Glass. Only a select few walked away with units from Glass Foundry workshops earlier this year, and their mouths are being bound by lock and key thanks to strict NDAs. It appears it won’t be long before more folks get their own pair, though, as it has been revealed that Glass Explorer participants would be receiving shipments sometime within the next month.

The timing is key considering we’re just a bit over a month away from Google I/O going down. That San Francisco event is taking place May 15th, one we’ll definitely be attending to see the latest innovation being worked on behind the mysterious Mountain View walls of Google’s. We’re not sure how much Google has ready to show off on the Glass front, but this timing doesn’t suggest much of it will be from the everyday developers who’ve been asked to cough up $1,500.

Perhaps Google wants to make sure those particular developers have units in time for possible development workshops at the event. You also wouldn’t be off-the-mark to consider Google might finally be ready to hand out units to the developers who pre-ordered their units for $1,500 the day they were announced at last year’s Google I/O. There are a million and one different possibilities, but we’re not far off from seeing which, exactly, is accurate. For more on the Glass Collective be sure to visit the initiative’s website.

[via Google, TechCruch]

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  1. Aliens among us with advanced glass technology? :)

    1. That’s so effed up, man but I will admit…. I lol’d.

  2. The Glass “Collective”, eh? Mount a red laser pointer on your Google Glass, and their members can go around saying “Resistance is futile.”

  3. I see you’ve got an early release for the Virgin Fashion Quarterly summer catalog.

  4. That guy’s head is as smooth as an…..egg.

  5. We now know that Glass will fit on an egg.

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