Apr 10th, 2013

It’s not quite an iFixit teardown, but if you were curious to see the Samsung Galaxy S4 ripped apart at the seams, the boys at TechnoBuffalo managed to secure a video of the whole painstaking process but for whatever reason, restricted embedding. (Pfffft!). Heads up: if you’re eating, you might wanna put down your sandwich before watching.

According the Mr. Nails who sent the vid, the Galaxy S4 is one of the easiest smartphones to repair in terms of smaller components (micro USB charging port, SIM slot, micro SD slot, etc.). There is one problem, however. The display — the most common part in need of repairs — is harder to replace than previous Sammy devices.

While I can’t say “repairability” has ever influenced any of my smartphone purchases in the past (that’s what insurance is for, right?), I guess for those of you that prefer to make repairs yourself, it’s a plus.

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