Best Buy gives April 19th ship date for T-Mobile’s HTC One


Of the three US carriers confirmed to stock the HTC One, T-Mobile is the last to release pricing and availability details. But it looks like Best Buy might have spilled the beans. Sprint and AT&T already have the handset up for pre-order, with both carriers expected to ship the One on April 19th. According to Best Buy’s site, T-Mobile will follow suit and launch the latest HTC flagship on that day as well.

Best Buy has the phone priced at $249.99, a sticker that reflects traditional subsidized pricing rather than T-Mobile’s new “Un-carrier” approach. All signs point to a $99 down payment when purchasing the phone without a contract and breaking up the balance of the handset into monthly installments.

[via Engadget]

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  1. They should have named it the HTC FAIL.

    1. What’s so fail about it?

    2. if you’re going to rag on something, couldn’t you at least bring valid points to the table? “man they really dropped the ball with the camera”, or “i wish they’d made more of an attempt at increasing battery life”. nope, you go with the mentally stunted comment of “htc fail”. that’s just really sad. like, i’m making a frowny face at how dumb your post was.

    3. Your mom should have named you Jonathan Failed Trolling.

      1. You tried…

    4. People still would have bought it. =./

  2. they are still doing contracts at third-party retailers like Best Buy, just not at actual T-Mobile stores.

  3. Since when did Best Buy start carrying TMo phones? I never shop there, so someone inform me of this…

    1. They’ve carried them online for a long time now. Some stores carry T-Mo, most don’t.

      1. Bummer…I always liked in-store hands on kind of stuff.

        1. Call your local store and check, then?

  4. It’s stupid for T-Mobile to introduce this “uncarrier plans” where it still all sound like a normal carrier with subsidized plans. All T-Mobile did was to name it differently, what a shame. They should do $30 monthly plan with full price unlocked phones without contracts. That would make more sense.

    1. I think you’re confused.

      Best Buy and other 3rd parties are still using the old rate plans for now. So the price above isn’t “uncarrier”.

      The “uncarrier” plans are $50 per month (Unlmited Talk, Text, 500mb data) with full price phones, no contract. You can then either pay full price for the phone up front, or pay a down payment and split up the rest at 0% interest over 24 months.

      1. Right, split 24 months of payments (i.e. $15 extra per month) to your regular monthly bill put you to $65 / month with down payment of $199 for phone for 2 years. So how “uncarrier” it is comparing to what they have already been doing? If you wanna opt-out (early cancellation), you still pay a “cancellation fee” for the phone.

        1. 1) You can buy your phone from somebody else (like the Play store, eBay, Amazon, etc.) (EDIT) *OR* pay full price up front (/EDIT) and pay the reduced monthly rate. With a “traditional” contract plan, you would still pay that extra $15 per month.

          2) Your extra per-month is based on the value of the phone you purchased. Cheaper phone, lower payment. You also can put more up-front on the phone to lower the payments.

          3) There is no cancellation fee, in the same way that credit cards and most loans have no cancellation fee. Or do you consider paying off the balance in order to cancel a credit card a “fee”?

        2. you get the same rates as others even when you BYOD on AT&T, VZW or Sprint + a 2 year contract. but if you BYOD on t-mo, you get cheaper plans + no contract.

          also, with t-mo, when you sign up with them, you can either pay it in full right away, or put it in 24 equal payments with no interest. you’re locked in for the device, not service. you can cancel the service but you still have to pay the device.

        3. With this method you’d be able to get a phone every time a new one come out. Contract methods would require you to upgrade your device every 2 years. I’d get the most out of this, but sadly it’s only 500MB of data. I can’t have that. LoL!!

          1. 2 more GB for $10, Unlimited but lose tether for $20. (per line)

  5. Shut the hell up no one asked you!

  6. That screenshot doesn’t say “shipping Apr 19th”…that is the product release date. It actually says they’ll ship it whenever they get it.

  7. Why T-Mobile price always high? Sprine and AT&T price for this phone just $199!
    Did T-Mobile has something special ?

    1. It has the same retail/off-contract price as the other two, so I’m not sure. My first thought was that maybe it was the 64GB version instead of the 32GB…

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