Twitter pushes update to fix ‘Me’ tab issues in Android app


Twitter’s Holo-fied UI update for Android was not without a few hiccups, the most glaring of which was a “Me” tab hangup that sent the screen into a perpetual loading dialog. Many users experiencing the problem simply chalked the issue up to connection issues, but the bug has now been addressed.

In version 4.0.1 of Twitter for Android, now available from the Play Store, “‘Me’ tab loading issues” have been corrected as well as further UI tweaks for the few devices out there still running Honeycomb. If the bug left a bad taste in your mouth about Twitter’s redesign, downloading the update is the perfect opportunity to give it a second a look. Aside from a few technical issues, the new look social messaging platform is better than ever.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Good, because I was having an issue with this on my phone. Ironically, my tablets had no problem.

    I thought it was a data connection problem at first. But nope, Wi-Fi didn’t work either.

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