Google Search update brings improved Google Now experience, return of the weather slider


The Google Search app has been updated, bringing “faster search results” and an improved Google Now experience to devices running Android 4.1 or higher. While there are plenty of little tweaks, such as the introduction of a small information button that allows you to change settings on a card quickly (such as favoriting a sports team), personally I’m most excited about the return of the hourly weather slider.

For some reason in a past Google Now update, Google eliminated the interactive weather card, making checking weather via the interface practically useless (in my book, at least). But it’s back and again allowing hourly views of temperature and precipitation conditions in your local vicinity, making Google Now a decent replacement for a standalone weather app once again.

Other updates include “real time” package tracking and an overhauled settings menu including a new “My Stuff” category to manage favorited items, teams you follow, stocks, etc.. Overall, Now continues to round itself into a particularly useful part of the Android experience, which is a long way from where it started off.

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  1. I got the update (I have the little information buttons now), but no weather slider. Strange.

    1. Same here. No slider unless you click on the weather and then it takes you to the weather in the browser which has the slider.

      1. That’s how the slider works, fellas. It’s not on the card unless you click on it and it opens the browser within Now.

        1. mine is weird… it doesnt show a card when i click on it and it opens the browser within Now. It just searches google for weather…

  2. Nice update, I think the most significant thing is the retuned weather slider card

  3. Anyone having an issue with locations? It suggested a new one for me and I can’t add it or ignore it. Just kinda stays there.

    And what’s the point of the info pane next to sports teams? If I’ve already set my team, why is it asking me if I want to follow them again?

    1. Yea I thought that didn’t make much sense either

  4. I like the score at the top. :) As it should be.

  5. I tought that only few people had the slide removed, tks for the confirmation! i agree with you, with this i can replace almost any wheather app

  6. When on the main screen, pressing menu would bring up the menu and it would close instantly. I would have to click on a card, usually weather since it’s the only one that kept me in Google Now, and go to my menu from there.

    1. I have this issue as well. In fact for quite some time.

  7. For some reason the weather slider didn’t show up in my update. Not even on the log on Google Play

    1. Forget it, I see how it works.

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