Samsung boutiques coming to Best Buy with Galaxy S4 launch


A few weeks ago we introduced you to the concept of Samsung-ception. In essence, there was talk that the Korean company could launch a store-within-a-store model in conjunction with Best Buy to coincide with the launch of the Galaxy S4. The two companies are moving ahead with the plan after a successful trial at a Texas Best Buy location.

The fully Samsung-operated “Experience” shops would take a front-and-center position in Best Buy stores and showcase more than just mobile devices. They would also be used to peddle other products such as cameras and accessories. Samsung will hire and train an independent staff, and customers will be able to complete purchases directly in these mini shops without heading to the main checkout line. This is different from the Best Buy’s current Apple mini-stores, which provide a dedicated display of products but operate less autonomously.

Both companies serve to benefit from the deal, though specific financials were not disclosed other than confirmation that Best Buy will still earn its margin on products sold through the kiosks. Look for Samsung boutiques to start cropping in Best Buy stores soon (1,400 nationwide, in total), with the majority of locations going live by May 1st.


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  1. NEVER buying Samsung again! They take WAY too long to update their devices. They do this on purpose in order to get you to cave into buying their latest phone. At least I know with my Nexus device it will be updated timely.

    1. Well I am no fan of samsung but as of late they seem to update their devices faster than anyone else other than having a nexus of course.

    2. You realize that of all Android manufacturers, Samsung is one of the fastest with updates. The Nexus line is pretty much the only thing getting updated faster since Google updates them directly.

    3. Have you seen htc updates? they take the longest if ever…Samsung does a good job with them

    4. You have no clue what you are talking about. Just take a look at their flagship phones Galaxy S went from eclair froyo gingerbread ics…
      Galaxy S II gingerbread ics jellybean. They are all 2-3 year old phones
      No one has a better upgradeupdate track record better than Samsung. They make powerful hardware phones which usually surpasses 2 firmware upgrades at least.

      1. I had a Skyrocket for a little over a year, and I got it when it just came out. Waited 8 months to get ICS after it was released. It has yet to get Jellybean, so I just got rid of it. Jellybean has been out almost a year now. That processor is more than ample for Jellybean. So, I laugh when you call them “fast”. 1 year to update tells me they are more interested in getting you to buy their next phone.

        1. Troll much? DYNK just mentioned; “Galaxy II the original international version had jelly bean. You both have carrier variants of the Flagship phone”. The Skyrocket is an AT&T phone, if the updates are slow for THAT phone variant then the fault lies with AT&T. I’m still using my International Galaxy S2 (which Samsung themselves update) and it’s running Jelly Bean.

      2. oh, and the original SII has yet to get JellyBean. I just check my wife’s SII last weekend.

        1. Galaxy II the original international version had jelly bean. You both have carrier variants of the Flagship phone. If you care so much about updates get a nexus or Samsung’s international flagship. And regarding your first reply back, I doubt there are any other oems who would do better.

  2. They sure do have money to blow don’t they

  3. If they were complaining about being an Amazon showroom before, keep adding vendor booths to the store. Before you know it, BB is going to be a brick and mortar trade show that ocasionally sells stuff to unsuspecting old people.

  4. In other news, HTC will be installing an “Experience End-cap”, while LG & Motorola will split rent on an “Experience Shelf”.

    /HTC guy.

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