Mar 25th, 2013

While many of us — even those who pre-ordered at Google I/O or are waiting on the Early Explorers program — are still waiting on Google Glass to come to market, the specially privileged folks, like co-founder of Google Sergey Brin, are already walking around with the thing and talking about it. The aforementioned leader of El Goog made an appearance at the TED 2013 conference earlier this month to talk about Google Glass and why Google wanted to create such an experience.

According to Sergey, they felt phones were a bit too emasculating for everyday life. Smartphones and tablets have become so important to people that people might look at their phones more than their friends on a night out on the town. It’s not taboo to glance around the dinner table and see everyone with their heads down: they’re not praying, they’re checking Facebook, Twitter, Phandroid (cheap plug) and the like.

With Google Glass, the goal is to keep you connected to all your information and the people important to you, while at the same time allowing you to keep your attention on everything in your physical presence. It’s Google’s way of trying to get the world to continue to walk with their chins up instead of their heads held low, for both relationship reasons and safety reasons.

At the same time, its goal is to enhance life itself — being able to record your memories and stay immersed in them without having to hold up a blocky camera is something many will find value in.Brin didn’t get into much depth about Google Glass so he didn’t reveal anything we didn’t already know about the unit itself.

As such, this particular presentation isn’t really being billed as a traditional TED Talk. Still, it’s an interesting 13 minutes of footage that you should take the time to watch if this is one project you’re enthusiastic about and excited for. Hit the play button above to get started.

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