Mar 25th, 2013

Everyone has their own method to mobile phone madness, including a typical “go to” pocket. Sometimes it’s a right handed vs. left handed thing. Sometimes it’s an “any pocket except where my keys are” thing. Maybe you carry a purse, or a murse, wear cargo pants, or wear a fisherman’s jacket with seemingly infinite pockets. Regardless of your situation, we want to know: in what pocket do you typically keep your phone?

I used to religiously keep my phone in my front right pocket. I’m right handed. Keys, which I access far less often, in my front left pocket. And wallet in my back left pocket. I’m not sure exactly when, but at some point in the past year, I converted. I know keep my phone in my back right pocket.

I think a lot of it has to do with easy access: I’m pulling my phone out so often that twisting it out of my back pocket seems more smooth and easy. And when I go to sit down, I often lay it on the table to see visual indications of new messages. Or, as people don’t do often enough, I’ll pull out my phone before sitting, turn off the ringer, and then slip it in my front pocket. I’ll admit. I often just sit on my phone, too. So far no harm, no foul.

In what pocket we keep our phone is a very small decision which, by now, has become subconscious to most people. But where do you fit in the spectrum of mobile phone pocket stuffing? This unscientific study should be interesting, if nothing else.