Chromebook Pixel LTE shipping April 8th


While the Chromebook Pixel has been available since the day it was announced, the LTE-equipped version of Google’s ultra-slim, touch-screen Chrome OS notebook has remained elusive. It seems those who pre-ordered the device will be able to get the unit in just about two weeks’ time, though, as the Play Store listing has been updated to give a very specific shipping date of April 8th here in the United States.

The Chromebook Pixel was criticized for its high price tag at the time of its announcement, and if you didn’t like the $1,300 the WiFi-only version costs there’s no reason the $1,450 price tag on the LTE version will please you. (Note: you’re also getting double the internal storage — about 64GB — in the LTE version compared to the WiFi version.) Alongside that, the word is that LTE pricing from Verizon will be as follows:

  • $9.99 for an unlimited day pass
  • $20 for 1 GB for the month
  • $35 for 3 GB for the month
  • $50 for 5 GB for the month

Note that for the first two years you will get 100MB of data for free, but we imagine that won’t be enough for you power users. This date could change at any time, but with just two weeks to go it won’t be long before we see if Google’s really rolling these things out of warehouses and onto the doorsteps of customers. Are you planning on getting one?

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. No one is going to buy this outside the teach world. Too expensive. Also if your going to purchase the day pass, might as well use 10 GB. Great way to say FU VZW and your high prices.

  2. Makes sense. Most people who buy a macbook pro (garbage if you ask me) don’t do anything but basic web browsing with it. If I had the money I’d buy one to take around campus with me. For now its an Asus transformer infinity on jellybean.

    1. 100% true
      + Chromebook Pixel is made in the USby Google unlike MacBooks that are made in China by Foxconn
      + Chromebook Pixel is for developers and cloud internet maniacs.=)

      1. hate to burst your bubble but the pixel is actually made in taiwan

  3. If I was rich and money was something that really didn’t matter that much to me, I would have bought this the second it became available. It’s a sexy piece of technology made of the highest quality and I love Chrome OS. Since I care about money though, this price has to be chopped in half for me to purchase one.

  4. way overpriced. that price needs to be cut in half twice!

  5. it’s not made for revenues.
    it’s hi-end hardware manufactured by Google to develop Google’s existing and future products.

  6. I don’t understand why anyone would buy an LTE laptop, is it that difficult to turn your phones wifi hot spot on? If the networks offered a bundled package, i.e. one contract for a phone and separate data only sim for your laptop at a reasonable price then I could see the advantage.

    1. This is what Asus is trying to do with the PadFone but no one in the US will carry it.

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