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First, let’s just get this out of the way: this is not the fabled X Phone. What it is, though, could be a sign of things to come for Motorola under Google’s direction. This apparently midrange prototype handset (that may or may not be barreling towards a release at some undisclosed point in the future) takes a drastic design departure from more recent Moto offerings. You know, the ones that Google said lacked any “wow” factor.

The device does seem to have Google’s fingerprints all over it. The handset borrows from a similar design language as the last couple of Nexus handsets. The front-on view could almost be confused for a Galaxy Nexus or Nexus 4 if it weren’t for the Moto ‘M’ in the upper corner. The rear of the device is rounded and departs from the recent trend of Kevlar-infused back panels, a hallmark of the RAZR line.

In terms of software we are looking at a mostly stock experience. Yeah, Moto is still including their pretty terrible clock widget, but they continue to pare down on their custom UI in favor of Google’s standard treatment.

If this phone truly shows Google’s influence, then it might offer a hint at what we can expect from the X Phone later this year. Until then we will remain in the dark on Google’s exact handset strategy, if they even know for sure how to handle Motorola.

UPDATE: Looks like this was, in fact, the Moto X (aka the Motorola X Phone) leaked months in advance of anywhere else. – Chris Chavez

[Tinh te via The Verge]

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