Seattle bar preemptively bans Google Glass


In a future where people could soon be wearing a personal computer in the form of eyeglasses, complete with the ability to discretely record video and capture photos, privacy is already a concern. It’s enough of a concern, too, that The 5 Point Cafe in Seattle has preemptively banned its patrons from wearing Google Glass under threat of “ass kickings…for violators.”

The news was posted on the bar’s Facebook page, and aside from the viral marketing angle (subsequent posts go on to mock those wearing glass as “complete idiot[s]”), owner Dave Meinert may have a point. Folks going out to enjoy themselves don’t necessarily want to feel like their every move could be secretly recorded. To that we say think of all the cameras that are already recording your every move. From security cameras to the less discrete iPhone photographers, a night out on the town hardly goes undocumented these days.

At least pulling out a cell phone to take a picture is a bit more obvious, but it hasn’t stopped folks from grabbing unsolicited photos in the past. Still, the ban of Project Glass should serve to get the privacy conversation going. It just wouldn’t be a new Google product without some concern about the misuse of personal or private data.

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  1. At least it will start the discussion and gives Glass more publicity.

  2. Let me guess, he has an iPhone.

    1. I’ve read that glass is going to connect to both android and ios.

  3. Do these idiots realize that POV cameras already exist, and have existed for years?

    1. They banned those inside that bar too. That bar doesn’t allow recording of any kind.

      1. The first rule of… erm… 5 Point Cafe…

  4. They are just jealous that they get no sunshine and the rest of us do!

    1. We had sunshine on Saturday.

  5. This is nothing more than a publicity stunt to get people to talk about cafe.

    1. To shop there

      1. shop at a bar? derp

        1. I’m not done with my coffee yet :D

          1. Don’t respond to the parasite.

        2. take your meds?

  6. well there will be one place less I’d visit. This at least is publicity for Google Glass. But threatening ass kicking just tells me that I don’t want to be associated or seen in a place like this.

  7. Talk about 15 minutes of fame. Useless glasses at a ridiculous high price. Shucks it would of been nice to have one of those low life’s cap the glass wearer and watch him just fade out. COOL!

    1. No hablo

  8. Newsflash: you can be secretly recorded by someone who does not have Google Glass.

    In fact, it is more likely. If you wanted to secretly record people, you probably wouldn’t use Google Glass, or whip out your cell phone.

    If you whip out your cell phone, or are wearing Glass, then people are alerted to the possibility that they are being recorded.

    1. Yup, I have a pocket pen that can record video and sound. And you can also write with it. Fun little gadget.

      1. Be sure not to click it twice within 3 seconds though…that activates the self destruct sequence.

        1. Remind me of the scene in Goldeneye where bond is watching Boris click k the pen bomb just waiting for it to blow.

  9. This is such a dumb argument. It’s ridiculously easy to pretend you’re texting and actually be snapping a pic. I agree this is a publicity stunt or just an easy jab at something that appears to be untrendy.

  10. Trying to attract attention to their store. It worked.

  11. I suspect the wording of his “warning” will change after someone reports it to the PO PO.

  12. Damn, it’s a mega-hipster move to be able to say: “We banned that before it was cool.”

    1. Haha didn’t think of it that way.

      1. he is so cool he bandss something that doent exist yet xD

    2. iSheep owner is iButthurt

  13. i bet the owner has a mac book and an iphone

    1. And an iPad for every customer…get real.

  14. I just banned The FIve Point Cafe.

  15. As excited as I am for Glass I’m thinking this ban will become the norm. Many stores and shops forbid photography inside the shop – heck it’s typically posted right next to the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” type signs. I saw a “No Photography” sign the other day outside of Toys-R-Us and immediately thought of Google Glass. Not that it stops anyone from taking the pictures. But the shops are well within their right to ask you to stop or kick you out if you continue to take photos. Glass will make it easier.

  16. When I go to a bar, with one friend or another, I don’t want to worry about appearing in a photo or video online later. I know totally preventing surreptitious filming can’t be done perfectly, but any bar that caters to my desire for privacy gets my business.

    1. So drink at home with your friends.

      1. You mean drink by yourself

        1. No, with friends. Handgelina and Palmela. >_>

          1. Not Palmela Handerson?

          2. I do believe Palmela was included. You never leave Palmela out, she know’s what’s up. lulz

      2. No. Places of business can make their own rules like this as long it’s not racist or anything like that. And I quite frankly agree with Greg, I’d like to drink without being taped by people posting to Facebook. Do you need permission to use someone’s face on a TV show? Don’t you have to sign a release before hand?

        1. (original post held for censorsh!p; I’ll stick in a few s4mbools. Come on, phandroid. This is ridiculous)

          I’ve been to friends’ BBQs taking photos to post online and had some guests
          come up to me saying, “My b0yfriend is not here with me. Please don’t take any photos of me here.” How could I argue with that? She was a friend of a friend, and what she was doing was none of my business, and she was an enjoyable addition to the party.

          If I posted her pics, she wouldn’t come back. As much as it was nice to have facebook pics of everyone enjoying themselves, only a clueless d!ck would have gone against her wishes for her privacy.

          This situation repeats itself in hundreds of variations, including meeting clients, exes, d33pthroats, etc. Obviously there is a demand for places that will try their best to provide privacy for its patrons. We will even pay for it.

        2. Actually, a business can refuse service to anyone, for any reason.

      3. Gee, thanks a lot, Dad.

  17. This is dumb. How could you know any other way. They would have to ban cell phones as well!
    Does this mean that if I pick up my phone to read an email… I may be spying and I should be banned? This is plain stupidity and probably a PR stunt.

  18. I bet they wouldn’t like it if alcohol was banned. Works both ways, you know

    1. Not even the same thing.

      1. You’re right. People who wear Google Glass don’t kill people when they drive, unlike people under the influence of alcohol.

        1. I can picture people wearing it while driving, and being very distracted. I think your comment is very misguided.

          1. Which is why it concerns me a little that they advertise Glass’s ability to use GMaps Nav.

  19. I have an idea. A bunch of people wearing GG should try to enter the bar in order to call their bluff and record the entire thing for youtube!

    1. It’s they’re right to ask you not to wear it. It’s also your right to wear it. The only difference is that only one of you can get arrested for disturbing the peace.

      1. No, it’s not their right to “ass kick” anyone

        1. I never said that.

  20. I bet the bar owner has an iPhone, an ipad, and a Mac

    1. Not a valid argument with the product we are talking about. Also, played out joke.

      1. 1 you’re the only one attempting an argument
        2 that joke will never get played out

        1. Yes, yes it has.

  21. Stick a phone to your head and record

  22. Terrorist to have a app that will identify FBI, CIA and Department of Homeland Security by the clothes they wear. Thanks Google Glass.

    For ever good there will be a evil purpose. Think Google will be discriminant of who buys their product?
    Aren’t the glasses a receptacle and not the actual computing device? Although in public a private property owner has the right to say “no” to pictures.

  23. True story: Almost every one of your moves in public are already being recorded ahead of the mass release of Glass.

    1. No really. In the U.S., there isn’t a wide deployment of CC cameras everywhere. The ones that do exist are limited in their range of view. Many are fixed and don’t rotate at all.

  24. I can’t wait until I can get a pair with prescription lenses so I can go their and sue the f@#k out of then if they try to kick me out being on the lawsuits baby

  25. I am 6’4″ and 310lbs…the owner better have a big bouncer.

  26. Banned in a bar / cafe seems dumb, but I don’t think it will be long before its outlawed while driving.

  27. Agreed….the owner of that bar thinks he’s so smart right now because we’re all talking about his business so all my fellow Googlers I have a favor to ask of you. ANYONE in the Washington area that live anywhere close to this cafe PLEASE BOYCOTT THE “The 5 Point Cafe”. They want to BAN Google Glass….a technology that’s not even out yet…that’s fine…then how about us Goolge lovers ban you. NO ONE give money to this place, don’t Goolge search it on your PC, don’t even talk about it with your friends. Goolge OWNS the market so I bet we can shut this place down in 3 months time. it was nice kwoning ya “The 5 Point Cafe”…you had a good run but then you got cocky and had to mess with the big G…Google.

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