Whoa, Google Glass might not be completely dead yet


It’s probably fair to say that Google Glass was ahead of its time. It was not as well-received as Google would have liked. This ultimately led to the company killing off the project, but did they really? Thanks to a recent video of Google’s Project Astra, it looks like Google might not have completely written off the device yet.

In a video that demonstrates Project Astra, a Googler put on a pair of seemingly normal glasses. But as the folks at The Verge were quick to realize, it looked kind of different. When asked about it, Google spokesperson Jane Park told the publication, “The glasses shown are a functional research prototype from our AR team at Google. We do not have any launch plans to share.”

To be fair, if Google really wanted to tease the wearable they would have done so in a more subtle way. The way the device appears in the video is simply too quick to notice for most people. But we shouldn’t be surprised that Google could be looking to revive the project. Following the demise of Google Glass, many other companies have come out with their own take on it.

For example, Snap launched the Spectacles. Meta also teamed up with Ray-Ban for a pair of their own smart glasses. Even Apple sort of got into it with the Apple Vision headset. Is the time ripe for Google to bring back Google Glass? We suppose we’ll have to wait and see.

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