Is this our first tangible look at the Motorola X Phone? [Update: Apparently, no]


As Google I/O approaches, the next couple of months will be filled with speculation about what we can expect from the Android team this year, but most of the talk will be centered on Motorola. After completing a deal to acquire the mobile manufacturer last year, Google hasn’t done much but cut jobs and downsize. That will all change when Motorola unveils its first phone designed under Google’s supervision later this year.

The so-called Motorola X Phone, which could be the centerpiece of Google I/O, has been little more than a name until a leak dropped today purporting to be our first look at the device. Along with the not so clear image depicting what is labeled “Motorola nXt” comes a pretty complete list of specs. The X Phone (or nXt?) is said to sport NVIDIA’s LTE-enabled Tegra 4i, a 4.7-inch 1080p display, 16MP rear camera, and 5MP front camera.

The higher resolution on the front camera not only provides better picture quality for things like video chat and Google+ Hangouts, but it is also said to accommodate a range of eye-tracking features such as automatic webpage scrolling (we’ve heard of similar tech making its way to Samsung’s Galaxy S4). As far as the Tegra 4i chip goes, it uses the older ARM Cortex-A9 architecture rather than the more recent Cortex-A15. It’s a tradeoff that should allow Google to cut down on the manufacturing cost of the phone while still providing plenty of power (and 4G connectivity).

The rumors go on to say that Motorola will borrow from the Droid RAZR M’s design in terms of using little to no bezel to provide a device that covers a small footprint despite its screen size. The X Phone is said to measure 131.2×66.7×7.9 mm, smaller in every dimension than the HTC One, a phone with an identical screen size.

But as we said before, this information is untested. The specs don’t sound so outrageous so as to read as unbelievable, but there is a long way to go between now and the end of May. Assuming for a moment that the hardware details are true, does the X Phone sound like a good enough reason to hold off on buying the soon-t0-launch HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4?

Update: As pointed out by a commenter over at AndroidWorld, these rumors are of the untrue variety. In fact, here is a picture of the original render that was then photographed to create the above “leak.” This means the list of specs are also almost certainly dubious. I guess we’ll have to stay in the dark a bit longer about how Google and Motorola plan to “wow” us in the coming months.

[Androidworld via UnwiredView]


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  1. The branding below should be removed imo. Maybe good for marketing purposes, but not cutting it for me, I don’t like text/branding/ads on the front of my device (nor anywhere else of the exterior, but definitely not the front)

    Specs sound good, but I think I’ll still go for the next nexus. OR the software this ships with has got to blow me away!

    androidworld source update shows the photo at least is fake?

  2. moto.. continuing to make average devices with piss poor marketing to the masses.

  3. I think Moto’s cuts are all to the software dev team. Why pay for two sets of software developers? :P

  4. Totally false information

  5. 4.7″ is too small of a screen, as a note 2 owner ill only change it for the note 3. Id love to see they keeping the dimensions of the phone and increasing its screen to 6″ :)

  6. I don’t think my Galaxy Nexus is going to be able to last long enough..I may end up having to get the S4…which isn’t a bad thing.

    Unless someone has a Note 2 they want to sell for cheap to hold me over? O.o

  7. i was expecting s800…

    1. yes I’d like a Qualcomm chip instead.. tegra isn’t really that impressive

      1. i have the 24 dual core in my one x and the tegra three in my one x plus. Now that both are on jelly bean I gotta say… Not that impressed with the tegra. it eats way more battery but the speed doesn’t reflect it. Thankfully the onex+ came with the power saver option which is awesome. I get a full day+ with it on without much noticeable slow down. but the one x with the s4 now has the same option and lasts even longer with a smaller battery…. wtf tegra

  8. On the long sides the bezel is indeed slim, but above and below the screen there’s still plenty of it.

  9. hrm… tegra4i is more like Tegra3++. Its not ARM15 like the 4, its just a souped up Tegra3+

  10. the picture is fake or the phone is fake or both?

  11. Tegra 4i and a battery last all day, yes please

  12. Good!! I want this phone to be the most secretive thing EVAR!! I want to know more about it, but I also want to wait until it’s unveiled. I can only imagine what the phone is going to be like.

    Especially since it’s suppose to compete against the Galaxy S series. Ooo!! I would love stock Android with some of the Galaxy S features. That would be SO lovely!! =.D

  13. Looks like the moto triumph

  14. Thank God this is fake…it looks like the LG Vue/Instuition, yikes. I’m hoping for the actual device to come with the snapdragon 800 and a battery like the Maxx series or better and major improvement on the camera overall…

  15. Kevin. If it were me I would Put the update on the top of the page. Thus prevent me from reading the whole thing to get to the update :-)

  16. im telliing you. This would be the specs for the x phone.

    4inch or 4.3 inch OLED 720p display
    s600 with 2gb ram
    13MP cam
    good battery

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