Enemy Strike delivers fast-paced shooter for free


Gameloft has captured the mobile military shooting game market by storm with its Modern Combat series, but those aren’t the only shooters you can enjoy on Android. A new option has come to the forefront by Killer Bean Studios, and it’s free. Its name is Enemy Strike, and the game throws tons of nonstop action at you in over 250 different missions. You’ll do your bidding with 15 upgradable weapons, 5 different gameplay modes, and lots of options for armor, gadgets and gear.

The story is about as unique as a rock, frankly — aliens invade earth and threaten to overrun the last of the human population, and it’s up to you to stop it all — but it works, and things like cluster bombs, gunships and battle tanks will keep the explosions rolling in if that’s your thing. There’s no real reason not to give it a try if you’re remotely interested as the game doesn’t cost you a dime, so find it in the Google Play Store and give it a download if you’re looking for an alternative to the usual suspects in the “shooter” department.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Doesn’t look good for some reason.

  2. Gameloft means IAP and a game that is unplayable without them.
    Just let me buy your stupid games and stop with the tricks.

    1. But how far can you get into the game without IAP? I mean, I understand it when games make it IMPOSSIBLE to get past the 3rd level without buying something. I mean, I’d probably spend like $5 on a game. But if I spend that much and STILL can’t beat your game, then it becomes an issue.

      I shouldn’t have to spend over $10 just to beat the game once. So it depends on how IAP’s work. I’m not going to say that IAP sux. Because this method allows for more graphic intense games without them costing like $20. Unless you don’t mind buying those Final Fantasy games. LoL!!

  3. Shooters on touchscreens are awful. Any game with virtual analog sticks or d-pads are awful.

    1. That’s what the sixaxis app + a ps3 controller are for: you map the touchscreen controls to the controller if the game doesn’t natively support game controllers. (I haven’t installed it yet to see if does)

      1. Yeah….I’m not carrying a PS3 controller around with me.

  4. Did I miss something, or was the player standing still in all scenes? “This is our last stand” is to be taken literally.

  5. WEak you cant move ..stationary fps.. no thanks.

    1. then dont download it.

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