Google Glass makes an unexpected return with its new Enterprise Edition


After a few years going untouched, it seems that Google has quietly been working on integrating its Glass project into various businesses. In a blog post on Medium, Jay Kothari, the Project Lead for Glass, explained that the Google Glass Enterprise Edition was now available for various businesses.

There were some rumblings and indications that a return was on the way after we saw an update to the MyGlass application last month. This was followed by a brand new software update being sent out to any Google Glass units that were still operational. However, at the time, we could only speculate as to what these updates really meant.

Some of the different industries taking advantage of the new Glass Enterprise Edition include Sutter Health (for doctors), GE, DHL, and more. There are also a slew of various partners that have been working with Google on this project over the last two years, including Upskill, which focuses on augmented reality software for enterprise businesses.

The new Google Glass website also lists the various customers which have been using the Enterprise Edition and the list includes Samsung, Volkswagen, and many more. The one customer that piqued my interest was Samsung as it’s likely that we’ll see some type of solution from Samsung in the future, whether it’s for consumers or if it’s also made for the Enterprise market.

Of course, all of this Enterprise talk means that you will not be able to purchase one of these for yourself, as they are being strictly made available through the “Glass Partners”. When looking at the FAQ, there is mention of the Explorer Edition, but the link directs you to the Developer Guide for Glass and it seems there’s no way to purchase a non-Enterprise edition.

Let us know what you think about the resurgence of Google Glass and if you think this is a great move, or if you would like to see an updated Explorer Edition launched in the near future.

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