Mar 4th, 2013

You had to know that Google Glass sightings would increase as Google looked to evolve its program to the next level. Another commuter was spotted with the smart glass sitting on his eye as he rode his bike throughout the streets of New York. We typically don’t see these sightings outside of the Bay area, but this particular episode is believed to have taken place in New York City.

Granted, Google does have a pretty big presence there, but this could also be one of those lucky developers from the Glass Foundry development workshop that was hidden from public view and protected with a non-disclosure agreement. We’re not sure if a clause exists within that particular NDA that allows developers to go out and use the glasses in their day-to-day lives, but it would make sense — after all, location-aware apps would be quite hard to test if you could never go anywhere with the glasses.

As we head into the summer months and inch closer to Google I/O we should be seeing Google Glass in the public eye (get it? eye?) a lot more. Google has recently started accepting applications for everyday, typical early adopters to buy these, though that privilege won’t come without a significant cost (close to $1,500 a piece). We imagine we’ll see a full-blown showcase of the things at Google I/O as Google looks to get product on store shelves by holiday season 2013.


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