Google Glass sightings become more frequent


You had to know that Google Glass sightings would increase as Google looked to evolve its program to the next level. Another commuter was spotted with the smart glass sitting on his eye as he rode his bike throughout the streets of New York. We typically don’t see these sightings outside of the Bay area, but this particular episode is believed to have taken place in New York City.

Granted, Google does have a pretty big presence there, but this could also be one of those lucky developers from the Glass Foundry development workshop that was hidden from public view and protected with a non-disclosure agreement. We’re not sure if a clause exists within that particular NDA that allows developers to go out and use the glasses in their day-to-day lives, but it would make sense — after all, location-aware apps would be quite hard to test if you could never go anywhere with the glasses.

As we head into the summer months and inch closer to Google I/O we should be seeing Google Glass in the public eye (get it? eye?) a lot more. Google has recently started accepting applications for everyday, typical early adopters to buy these, though that privilege won’t come without a significant cost (close to $1,500 a piece). We imagine we’ll see a full-blown showcase of the things at Google I/O as Google looks to get product on store shelves by holiday season 2013.


Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Sweet! But, $1500 is not something I’m willing to drop on it.

  2. Corner of Bowery and Houston

    1. Good eye…
      And here’s a link to the exact google street view of same view in the photo (different season though): http://goo.gl/maps/mdZpd

  3. Does that mean it was seen in the wild? Now of what practical use would this device be? Maybe see how someone dies through their eyes or being injured or raped. Doesn’t seem to be practical.

    1. It’s an overpriced accessory. There isn’t really any practical use for an accessory. Just like a dock. What good does a dock do you that a case with a stand can’t do? It’s just an overpriced accessory. If you got the extra money, you’d pick one up. Simple as that. From what you’re saying, you probably wouldn’t get these. I, for one, think docks are the most useless thing in existence. They add no extra function. But others find them useful, somehow. I don’t judge since I waste money on other useless things.

      1. You’re comparing this to a dock? Lol, what?

        1. You are failing at understanding analogies.

          1. You do realize that glasses have a lot more functionality and potential growth compared to a dock. I don’t think you understand that. This technology can be applied to many instances and can become cheaper and more functional over time.

            I understand analogies very well. It’s the both of you who don’t understand Google Glasses.

          2. I do realize the potential of Google Glass.

            I also think they are an accessory that will be limited to a niche group of uber nerds that will eventually decide that they are information overload and will eventually become as useless as a dock.

            Now as far as the technology goes, that may eventually lead to much more useful accessories, but I find Google Glass no more useful than picking up my smartphone as I am never going to wear and accessory like that. Even if it could attach to my sunglasses, I wouldn’t walk around with that attached to them or even have it if it was integrated into the lens (price!!!).

            Therefore, his analogy was correct in that it is no more useful than a dock as the function can be performed by what you already have…….smartphone or tablet.

          3. raazman – This could bring out new amazing technology that no one has ever seen

            DARPA – It’s already been broughten!

          4. While glasses may have the potential for growth, what it’s advertising seems like things that Google Now already does. Why would I need Google Now in front of me?

            Yes, believe me if I averaged $3000-$5000 in my bank account monthly I’d pick these up. The idea is cool. But it’s completely useless as of now. There’s no practical use.

            Maybe that’ll help show you why I made that particular analogy.

        2. Don’t you twist up my words. I’m using the dock as an example of a useless product and not comparing Google Glasses to the dock. LoL!!


          -“Oh, would you like a pair of Google Glasses? They’re WAY better than a dock. You can do so much more.”

          –“Yea, but can you charge your phone while having it slanted at an angle? I didn’t think so.”

          LoL!! No, I don’t think that’s what I’m doing. =.P

  4. Wow thanks for sourcing where you even got the reddit pic from… seeing as I sent the tip in from where I write http://www.gizmofusion.com

  5. Developers don’t have it yet… He is a Googler, NO ONE else has received them yet…

    1. He is not a Googler.

      1. He most likely is a Googler actually. I am a part of the original Explorer group and we have not received our units yet as Jeeves stated. Furthermore based on the NDA they had us sign for Foundry I highly doubt that they just have a bunch of people walking around with it already besides their employees.

        1. I didn’t make that statement randomly or without basis. The person you see in the picture is named Jeff Staple. Here’s some information about him:




          1. Nice catch :)

  6. That’s Jeff Staple which is a cool sighting in itself.

  7. If his jacket denotes anything, it looks as if though the guy thinks of people as game pieces to be used at his discretion.

    I think the glasses are cool, but then reality hits and then I become afraid.
    I guess the old adage of — seeing the world through rose colored glasses, will have to be revised to — seeing the world through Google Glass.

  8. I thought the Glass team was based in NYC?

    1. The Glass team is spread out from what I understand, but primarily between Cali and New York. I know the Community Advocate, Sarah Price, works at Mountain View.

  9. I swear I would do just about anything to get my hands on a pair of these glasses..even right now without any real support or apps I would still love to wear them everyday just to get used to the weight and feel of a new set of glasses on my face. Fingers still crossed that these glasses come out at an unbeleiveable $499????$599???? I’ll take’em!

  10. I have a Staple pigeon hoody, i like his brand.

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