Benchmark result offers possible look at final Samsung Galaxy S4 specs


In the wake of Samsung’s first teaser for the Galaxy S4, which we thoroughly expect to be announced next week, a new benchmark score has surfaced, revealing a possible final hardware configuration for the phone. According to the AnTuTu result, the specs will stay in line with much of what was floated when rumors of the device first surfaced. That is, 1080p 4.99-inch display, next-gen Exynos processing, and Android 4.2

Specifically, it sounds as though rumors of a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset might not be totally factual, as the benchmark here presents Samsung’s Exynos 5410, the 4+4 Exynos 5 Octa cranked to 1.8GHz. As with the Galaxy S3, though, there is a chance that different markets could see phones utilizing different chipsets.

Other specs detailed in the report include 2GB RAM and PowerVR SGX 544MP graphics. The phone should feature a 13MP rear camera with 2.1MP front-facing camera.

Of course, we won’t know anything for certain until March 14th, the date all will be revealed at a New York City press event.

[via PhoneArena]

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  1. Judging by those specs, its gonna be a great sell. Hope the “X Phone” can match, if not trump this

    1. doubt that the x phone will match this… Google always slacks on their phones.. always bring specs that have already been used for a while

      1. well, this probably will be different from Google’s Nexus line. SO,perhaps they will rework everything

  2. Those are the benchmarks for the international version of the Galaxy S IV. Mark my words, there will be a different version (Snapdragon) for North America — we are LTE hungry here and Qualcomm is the best bang for the buck where that’s concerned.

    1. Um, no. There will be one model, the new Exynos processors support LTE, just like the Note 2 did.

      1. KEEP UR FINGERS “X”!

      2. Actually, it’s a virtual guarantee that the U.S. S4 won’t use Exynos; it’s rumored to be using Qualcomm’s S600 (not 800), and so will benchmark a little slower than the international version again, not that you’d notice in real world usage.

        I’m holding out for an international Note3 myself…

        1. Ye have little faith. They’re debuting it in NYC for crying out loud.

          Because of that fact, I think with this version they will attempt to knock it way out of the park and have 1 version globally.

    2. The Exynos processor in my Note 2 does really well with LTE… Us based here.

  3. all i gotta say is… HOLY CRAP! im syked

  4. I bet Samsung will give us U.S customers a dual core processor based off A15 architecture like the one found in the Nexus 10 and then bullshit us U.S customers by saying their octa-core chip didn’t include LTE radios. If not, I guarantee Sammy will at best dilude the U.S version with some outdated quad core processor. Probably the Exynos 4 with a Mali 400 GPU like the SOC found in the Note 2. U.S will not get the same specs as international version I can bet ALOT of money on that.

    1. if they stick with how the S3 was launched in usa then we can at least expect a qualcomm snapdragon 600 quadcore cpu with all the necessary radios

  5. single core PowerVR SGX 544MP ? thats 3 times less gpu power than the iPhone 5 >.> unless its a tri core but its not mentioned ?

    1. MP in the name actually means multiprocessor.

      1. i know but theirs usually a number at the end that suggests the cores like the iPhone 5 for instance has the PowerVR SGX 543MP3,

        1. other reports put it at mp3 clocked WAY higher than the ipad 4 version.

          1. thanks for clearing that up, my excitement level just increased lol

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