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It wasn’t long ago that we were discussing the rumored ChromeBook Pixel, and the fine souls Google made quick work of dispelling those rumors by, well, confirming it themselves. What you see below is the absolute best ChromeBook we’ve seen to date, and its high cost (starting at about $1,300) is seemingly justified. So why, exactly, would Google ask you to pay that much for a ChromeBook?

Well, for starters, the display has a lot to do with it — it is called the ChromeBook “Pixel,” after all. Google says it boasts the highest pixel density of any laptop computer to date, with 239 pixels per inch crammed into the display. It does that by having a 12.85″ display 2,560 x 1,700 resolution. With 4.3 million pixels in all, and “extra-wide” viewing angles, sharp text and vibrant colors, Google says this is the most crisp display you’ll have ever used on a laptop. Oh, and did I mention it’s touch-enabled? No? Well, there you go.

The laptop was constructed out of anodized aluminum alloy, and it was crafted in order to hide the ugly vents, screws and other necessary bits holding it all together. Google didn’t even want you to see the stereo speakers tucked as it has hidden that below the backlit keyboard the Pixel has. The touchpad is made from etched glass, and apparently was tested with a laser microscope for extremely accurate performance.

Inside will be Intel’s Core i5 processor, and like any ChromeBook this thing relies on 32GB of built-in solid-state memory for extremely fast performance and boot-up times. Google’s handling storage with the cloud as it’s giving users 1 terabyte of Google Drive space to store all your necessities. The device will come in WiFi-only and LTE configurations for $1,300 and $1,450 respectively, and Google will even throw in 12 free GoGo flight passes for those times when you need to connect in the air.

It really does look like a beautiful device, but you’re probably interested in knowing when you’ll be able to purchase one. If you have the coin to spare you can actually head to the Play Store right now and grab one if you’re in the United States or the United Kingdom, but if you prefer brick and mortar you’ll have to wait a while before Best Buy begins stocking them (though several select locations have them up for display right now). Be sure to take a closer look at the ChromeBook Pixel in the video above.

[Google via ChromeSpot]

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