Sprint’s EVO Design 4G gets minor software update


Sprint has posted a notice to its support site informing HTC EVO Design 4G owners to expect a small update to soon reach their handsets. There isn’t much of note in software version 4.02.651.2. The update corrects issues with the phone’s hotspot functionality, improves message load times, and brings the Sprint Connections Optimizer.

Sprint is offering the update as of today for this that perform a manual software check under the System Updates menu.  The standard over-the-air rollout will begin on February 26th.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. I hope this fixes a good number of the problems that my phone has experienced since it was upgraded to ICS — random reboots, runs hot, double calls, unresponsive, quick drain of battery (like first 10% in less than 20min standby). I have insurance and they offered me a Shift 4G as a replacement…what a joke. I’m switching to either a Xperia Z or HTC One ASAP and may also leave Sprint after 15 years because of my terrible experience with this last very underpowered and forgotten device on their service.

    1. It is your fault for not knowing what device is best for you. That phone was a mid range. You want a top of the line phone then you should have brought one from the started

  2. People own this phone? Lol jk. In all seriousness, I’ve still got an original evo 4G lying around here somewhere

  3. I’m still using my EVO and love it lots for the price. It’s a hardy phone haha as I have dropped it a gazillion times and its still standing.

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