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Missed yesterday’s HTC One event? There is plenty to catch up on, including our initial hands-on and a look at how the phone stacks up to the competition, but if you want to relive the magic of the handset’s official unveiling you now can. HTC has made available the entire press conference, including a first look at the One as well as what’s new in Sense 5. Check it out below.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Wait!! I’m so confused by the name. I thought the HTC One was already out? I mean I know Cricket has an HTC One SV. I mean, wouldn’t the HTC One already have been out? HTC needs to re-think these names.

    OR is the name of their series called HTC One, like Galaxy S? If so, then that’s REALLY confusing.

    1. There is the HTC One X, S and SV
      The new HTC device is just called HTC One

      I guess that’s supposed to mean that HTC won’t have other phones for other carriers like last year’s One series

      1. Oh… Thank you. I was so confused. This would make sense. I prefer these one phone across carriers. Makes it easier to start finding 3rd party accessories.

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