ASUS goes metal for Mobile World Congress teaser


We’re not talking black hair and screaming guitars metal, we’re talking unidentified flying church spires. You know, “ultimate craftsmanship.” While the above video from ASUS doesn’t reveal much about an actual phone or tablet (or both? but we’ll get to that later), it does tease a “metallic miracle” to debut at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

It’s an interesting use of the unfinished Sagrada Familia church to illustrate their point about craftsmanship. That seems to be ASUS’ emphasis here, though the video’s description sheds a bit more light on what we might expect. “When Pad and Phone come together” is the tagline. So are we going to see another Padfone? A 7-inch phablet? If ASUS’ MWC showings are anything like this video, things could get weird.

[via BriefMobile]

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  1. THANK YOU!! Bring back the aluminium body!! Oh!! Those were some cool looking phones. Can’t wait!! =.D

  2. I think the idea behind the video is that you will be able to dock it. Kinda like how the metal ship docked into the church. Also, the whole idea of the sacred family is that it consists of 3. This may be a hint, as well. Maybe the Padfone 3?

    1. Phone snaps into tablet which snaps into laptop dock. If the whole thing wasn’t thousands of dollars it would be amazing.

      1. And the laptop snaps into desktop and the desktop snaps into mainframe.. pure awesomeness! :) (*parts sold separately)

  3. The “Metallic Miracle” is coming back? Sweet Cyborg Zombie Jesus!

  4. Based on the headline, I thought it was going to be some face-melting music. But the prospect of a shiny new body is pretty cool too!

  5. It should mean an asus tablet with lte using the Tegra 4 in metallic body that somehow overcomes or works as an antenna for data and gps. And it is coming to all carriers in the us with both hspa+ and lte options. Android needs a high res/ppi tablet that supports a data plan from one of the carriers in the US. Samsung tablets that are lte enabled suck on their specs. Huge gap in the market if your competing against IPad 3/4.

  6. Definitely a new PadFone is coming. The pafone 2 is pretty badass so I’m not sure how they improve on it much more.

  7. Maybe its a tablet like dock for the HTC ONE. They’d be smart to make a padfone like thing available with a more popular phone (like the HTC ONE). Then it can be an accessory if people want it or not.

    1. That would be a pretty dumb move – promoting your competitors and not selling the main part of the tech yourself.

  8. This has me more excited than the new LG announcement……

  9. First Ubuntu tablet

  10. Praying for more Transformers!

  11. Aluminum baby! Lovely stuff, I hope it IS another Padfone. I was a fan but not keen enough on the last devices to buy one. 400+ PPI, expandable storage, great camera, great batteries, metal body and I’m sold on this hybrid!

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