No love for Android, Nike? FuelBand app not in the works


Fans of fitness will have to look elsewhere if they hope to track their daily activity via their Android phone, as Nike has confirmed it currently has no plans to develop a FuelBand companion app for Google’s mobile platform. Shame, shame. The news first came by way of Twitter but was later confirmed by a Nike spokesperson.

“[W]e are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and,” the statement reads, “At this time we are not working on an Android version of the app.” That app, which is available for iOS users, provides a means to interact with the minimalistic FuelBand, tracking activity, setting fitness goals, and sharing results with friends.

The lack of FuelBand support for Android doesn’t mark the first time Nike has snubbed non-iOS users. The standalone Nike+ app was available for those with Apple-branded smartphones for years before it finally came to Android last summer. It’s really quite surprising that the global brand is choosing to actively ignore the largest smartphone userbase in the world. It isn’t as though the sportswear company can’t afford to hire the necessary software engineers.

While the confirmation comes as a disappointment, the silver lining is that Nike did not expressly deny the possibility of the app coming to Android in the future. It may take years, just like the Nike+ app, but someday we might be able to count ourselves among those tracking daily fitness goals by way of NikeFuel.

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  1. Some companies are still just dumb. “At this time we prefer the hand of apple in our pants versus developing an app for the most popular mobile OS in the world.”

  2. Way to kill a whole lot of potential business. That’s just stupid.

    Maybe Stephen Elop works for them now?

  3. well well well….adidas anyone?

    1. Like Adidas.

    2. Agree Adidas is better and doesn’t use child labor. I say we boycott Nike since they chose to ignore all us Android users

  4. Who cares. Nike is the Apple of sportswear. Overpriced products.

    1. hardly. No different than their competitors. I don’t like what they did more or less than anyone else here, but your nerdrage is misplaced.

      1. Respectfully disagree, camel. The similarities between the two companies are many, and there are millions who view these two companies as everything that is WRONG with the American business model, right down to them both using sweatshop Asian labor to build their products.

        1. wait a minute, which company can you say doesnt use, “sweatshop asian labor?”

    2. Looks like they have their opinionated fanboys too! ;)

  5. I actually was just pricing those yesterday on Amazon. Never occurred to me there wasn’t an Android app. I guess I’ll just get fat then!

  6. typical story. A lot of cool apps are trying to “focus on the iOS experience”, missing out on the larger percentage of consumers. It’ll take boat loads of twitter responses from Android users as well as Apple continuing to nose dive before companies like this will listen.

  7. Translation: “Apple users understand and buy overpriced products such as Nike, but Android users mostly shop for $20 pleather at PayLess, so why bother?” :)

    1. Android users save money.

  8. Makes no sense when the man who currently as the shoe to support this is an android user. LBJ

  9. Eh screw em then i say =p if we cant get nothin from em and theyre going to go on down on their knees for ios.. let em.. its all for spoiled kids who dont know what things are capable of. Just want the trends lol. Dont start me on ios. I can talk all day about steve *insert naughty pun* jobs… and how apple should just die lol.

  10. Nike: I promise not to buy ANY of your products until you stop discriminating.

  11. I use a Fitbit instead as it had 3-times the functionality and is half the price – and works with android!

    1. +1 … Fitbit user here as well.. going to get the new flex when it comes out.

      1. I’ll have to look in to this fitbit. I’m just using Cardiotrainer to keep track of things, but I’m curious as to what other apps/products are out there. I’m working on losing weight and love I can track my daily walks.

        1. I’ll be getting the Fitbit flex ( too when it comes out as syncs wirelessly with the Galaxy S3 – also links up with my Endomondo for tracking all my running / skiing / cycling etc

  12. Looks like I’ll be focusing on Under Armour, and not looking to purchase anything Nike at this time.

    1. You werent already. UA crushes Nike in almost every sport. Nike shoes still have their place in my heart but I buy UA any chance I get. Now if only they had a viable FuelBand alternative…

  13. Maybe its just not something Nike sees a future for… So keep supporting the old one but dont bother to widen he audience or put more money into it.

  14. Don’t criticize Nike for trying to make money on a product. In this case, they know the money is on iOS, and not Android. Keep drinking whatever Kool-aid you’re enjoying. Trying to decide what version of Android to work on is like hitting a moving target, at high-speed on a coastal road, from a boat 50-miles offshore with a pellet gun. Not going to happen.

    You know Nike is just being smart. Last thing they want to deal with are all the whining Android users, the majority of them running Gingerbread, Froyo, Honeycomb, etc… or maybe the < 2%running Jellybean all using different hardware, specs, screens, etc.

    Sure, Nike will get right on that… not.

    Why don't you develop your own and see how well it works? Don't worry, we'll hold our breath.

  15. I cant remember the last time I even bought a Nike product. There are far superior makers for the money.

  16. here is my middle finger to nike

  17. boo! adidas, opportunity knocking! besides adidas seems to be the brand that appeals more internationally (ie. soccer/football).

    Not to mention that other players are likely to move into the space quickly like the Pebble Watch or Sony’s SmartWatch. Just needs to support already existing Android apps like Runkeeper, etc. Need for Nike Fuelband gone.

    As cool as I think the Nike Fuelband is…I have yet to see ANYONE wearing one. I go to the gym 4-5/week, even sometimes twice a day at different locations. Never, not once have I seen the real deal.

  18. This is because Nike and Apple have a partnership that goes back to before 2006.


  19. This is bullshit. I preordered the Fuelband when it was announced because Nike said that the Android app was “Coming soon” after the launch. They even continued to say that after launch and now they’re saying that it was never in the works?! I should’ve known better.

  20. Cool. That made my decision between instant gratification with the inferior Nike FuelBand or waiting for the Fitbit Flex very easy.

  21. Adiós Nike, i just threw my shoes in the fire.

  22. I have heard from many fitness professionals that this thing is garbage anyway. One of them is an avid iPhone user also. She said the littlest shake gives you unearned calories and advised people to buy something else if they wanted a legit number. The bodybugg is still the best but the fitbit is a good tracker as well. I have both but prefer my fitbit and that has android support so I will stick with it!

  23. Adidas should make it for us Android users… I would definitely buy!

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