Feb 11th, 2013

A recent FCC filing details a Samsung-made wireless charging station, the company’s first foray into a technology that is slowly but surely starting to catch on with manufacturers and consumers alike. The documentation of the Qi-compatible cradle provides plenty of details, including a plethora of images demonstrating the device.

In one image a Galaxy S3 is observed on the charging mat, a curious vision of what might have been. The GS3 was initially rumored to ship with wireless charging capabilities built into the phone, but the idea never came to fruition (unless you count third-party accessories). But the timing of the appearance of the Samsung-branded dock, which doesn’t seem sized to any particular device, should get people talking about the potential for wireless charging in the upcoming Galaxy S4.

Up until now, perhaps the most noteworthy Android device to ship with wireless charging out of the box was the Nexus 4 (the handset’s charging peripheral has not shipped yet, however). With awareness of the technology growing (and the chance to sell another $50+ accessory) it seems likely that Samsung will implement the feature in their highly-anticipated flagship phone.

Wireless charging would round out a set of specs that include could include multi-core Exynos processing, a 1080p Super AMOLED display, and 13MP camera. The cradle itself very well could go on to charge future Samsung releases from the G4 to the Galaxy Note 4.

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