The Google Glass Foundry went down today — what, exactly, is Google hiding? [POLL]


If you don’t remember, Google’s Glass Foundry developers’ workshop commenced in San Francisco today, and a tight group of developers shuffled over there to get a look at something Google is treating like a top secret military project. It’s not that we’ve never seen Google Glass before — geeky Googlers have no problem strutting the streets of the world showing them off — but whatever Google talked about today was so sensitive that the company made developers sign an NDA that would scare any soul.

Unfortunately, because of that NDA, we haven’t had any luck in trying to figure out what went on behind closed doors today. What do you think Google is showing off? Is a new prototype with actual features being shown off (camera and uploading are a given, but it’s literally the only thing we’ve seen thus far)? Did Google give developers a disc chock full of application samples and code which fulfill the vision originally put forth by the video above? Did Google create the world’s first unsolvable “Where’s Waldo” puzzle?

Anything could have happened, but without any developers willing to come forward (hint, hint) we can’t say for sure. I personally think Google finally showed off the use cases that we were all originally excited for in working form, and that they showed developers how to tap into the primitive power of the frames to get started on some early prototypical apps for Glass. I’d guess that they also had an updated version of Glass to finally show off and give to developers that included tech like laser-projected keyboards and bone-conduction audio. That’s an easy guess, of course, but what else is a developers’ workshop for?

The scrooge in me might also guess that Google simply doesn’t have anything more than what we’ve already seen — a so-so head-mounted camera that can upload images straight to Google+. Perhaps Google is so ashamed that it’s taking so long to get other apps going on the platform that it doesn’t want anyone to know. The Mountain View company certainly hasn’t given us much reason to believe otherwise yet, so it’s a fair question, I’d say.

We’d love to be proven wrong on that, though, and be told that something truly amazing really is being brewed up behind the walls of that impenetrable Californian fortress. What say you? Is Google enforcing this strict NDA for a good reason or do they just want to save themselves from PR hell? Sound off in the poll and comments section below!

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Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. If they were just bluffing, I have a feeling at least one dev in attendance would anonymously come forward and say so, if for no other reason than feeling like it was a waste of their time.

  2. I’m hoping for some augmented reality stuff, particularly as I’ve been playing Ingress quite a bit recently. Would love to be able to see the portals, resonators, links and fields laid out in front of my eyes.

    1. Leave a message…

    2. You are going to be very pleased, Mr Button. That is all I am allowing myself to say. :)

    3. Think of coupling this with the eye-tracking tech showed off at CES,,, I think I need to step outside now,

  3. Your poll is missing the more obvious option: this is very much a work in progress, and they are not ready for prime time yet. Until they are, they are smart to try to minimize the exposure of their IP to competitors, of whom there will be plenty. But like you, I’d love to know more!

    1. That’s what “looking for waldo” means

      1. i think you may have a mental disability.

        1. IS that the best you got?

          1. Its all I need.

  4. My bet: they’re keeping tight wraps on Glass because it currently has nowhere near the capability laid out in their video.

    And ultimately, I think Glass will be limited by battery technology, among other things. But I’d be happy to be wrong…

    1. what did i just read?

    2. Waiting for the /s…hoping for the /s

      1. Keep waiting buddy :D ‘MURICA

    3. Whoa wtf?

    4. hmm I think Glass will be limited because it will make anyone look like a total dork if they wear it. :)

      1. People will get used to it. That’s what was said about Bluetooth headsets and now they’re … oh, right. Good point.

      2. I don’t optimize for appearance. I don’t have to look at myself.

        Let me just do a couple quick replacements to your statement to see if it sounds like something that might have been said twenty or thirty years ago:

        hmm I think Cell Phones will be limited because it will make anyone look like a total dork if they hold it up to their ear. :)

    5. lol wut…

  5. Better question is: when are these babies shipping out to those who pre-ordered?

    If they just give them out at IO I am going to die.

    I will be dead.

  6. The glass project has really intrigued me, when I think of augmented reality the biggest thing I would love to see happen with it is the ability to write a sms or take a picture fold it into a paper airplane and throw it towards the recipient. Software like that could revolutionize the technolgical era and show off what this device is really capable of

  7. Remember the first days of the Bluetooth headsets? We always thought someone was talking to us not their phone! This glass is going to bring those days back. Everyone will one day walk around talking to themselves or their glasses I should say and people will be consfused as hell.

  8. Get a job nightscout13 and move out of your parent’s basement.

    1. He is the product of cousin loving.

    2. What I wouldn’t do to live in my parents house again…..Those were the good old days, when money was not an issue.

      1. you look like you’re 40 years old. why are you still having money problems?

  9. Well if you put it that way then you america is the modern day Crusades and if US drone don’t have anything to do with religion then Muslims don’t have anything to do with technology. If you read the whole Quran did you only look for the part where it states that they must die or did you forget to read all the rulings that come with it when it is message. See you won’t know that because I said earlier if you don’t know a religion and its teachings then don’t speak of it. I will stop here because this is not a place for religious fights. This is a place for technology. Just remember every single religion has their bad people who are crazy (look at sandy hook for example that person was not even a muslim but still terrorized a whole community) and every religion has their good people. My point being is not all Muslims are bad. Also if you get a chance you might want to check a book out which talks about all the inventions that the Muslims made this book talks about it while there is a whole museum in the UK that displays everything that the. Book has. The books name is 1001 Islamic inventions you will be shocked. I’m sorry if I made anyone feel bad here

    1. Sandy Hook killer did not kill those kids in the name of religion, or in the name of 72 virgins

  10. Don’t want a certain fruit patenting their ideas.

  11. I love you Google. Irrational maybe, but still love.

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