Jan 28th, 2013

It’s always a wonderful day whenever new cities are added to the list of those covered by a carrier’s delicious 4G LTE signal, and for many Sprint customers that day is today. Sprint is boasting the addition of 9 new 4G LTE cities, including heavy hitters like the Boston, MA; Austin, TX; and Fort Wayne, IN. In addition to them, folks in College Station/Bryan, TX; Columbia, TN; Emporia, KS; Gettysburg, PA; and Western Puerto Rico (yes, even before some bigger mainland American cities) have all been lit up with the juice.

It isn’t just about 4G LTE, though. Sprint’s overall network vision strategy will look to drastically improve 3G service across the board, as well. Sprint says 3G coverage in Puerto Rico have been significantly improved, so even if you aren’t under the LTE banner you should be seeing much better network performance.

Sprint’s original goal of spreading 4G LTE to most of its network by the end of this year means we should be seeing these rollouts happening a lot more frequently through 2013, but whether or not we’re being bluffed will be left up to time to tell. This is a really good start, though, and we hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Sprint in the coming weeks. Be sure to read more about these launches over at Sprint’s blog and check your smartphone for that exhilarating 4G icon if you live in any of the above areas.

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