Sprint brings 4G LTE to Boston, Austin and more


It’s always a wonderful day whenever new cities are added to the list of those covered by a carrier’s delicious 4G LTE signal, and for many Sprint customers that day is today. Sprint is boasting the addition of 9 new 4G LTE cities, including heavy hitters like the Boston, MA; Austin, TX; and Fort Wayne, IN. In addition to them, folks in College Station/Bryan, TX; Columbia, TN; Emporia, KS; Gettysburg, PA; and Western Puerto Rico (yes, even before some bigger mainland American cities) have all been lit up with the juice.

It isn’t just about 4G LTE, though. Sprint’s overall network vision strategy will look to drastically improve 3G service across the board, as well. Sprint says 3G coverage in Puerto Rico have been significantly improved, so even if you aren’t under the LTE banner you should be seeing much better network performance.

Sprint’s original goal of spreading 4G LTE to most of its network by the end of this year means we should be seeing these rollouts happening a lot more frequently through 2013, but whether or not we’re being bluffed will be left up to time to tell. This is a really good start, though, and we hope this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Sprint in the coming weeks. Be sure to read more about these launches over at Sprint’s blog and check your smartphone for that exhilarating 4G icon if you live in any of the above areas.

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  1. Seeing as I’m going to be with Sprint for quite sometime, this is good news. I have been able to stream Google Music off their 3G lately. I’ve been traveling on the bus on the complete outer West side of Houston. So I’ve traveled through different areas and my music stayed constant. Internet was fine too. I was tethering my Nexus and didn’t even realize that I didn’t have 4G on. LoL!!

    I’m glad things are starting to look up. =.D

    Now, who want’s to help me decide what phone to get when my upgrades come at the end of this year? =.D

    1. Galaxy S4

      1. I was looking at the Xperia Z. But I’ll just wait and see.

        1. I doubt that will be available on Sprint’s network. Sony’s always been a GSM kind of OEM. However, I am slightly curious about this “Moto X” device.

          1. Ah!! That’s right!! I forgot about that phone!! Ooo!! I can’t wait until the end of the year!!

  2. *sigh* No Phoenix. My Sprint contract is up in June.

  3. I live in Fort Wayne and AT&T still doesn’t have LTE here!! Screw you AT&T.

  4. And still no Ohio.. Sighs

  5. This is great news.

  6. Sprint will soon be one of the carriers to give Verizon and AT&T a run for their oney

    1. I wouldn’t speak too soon if I were you… Here in Houston, I only get 4-12 mbs download in some areas… Not the fastest speeds ever, and it’s very spotty

      1. Give it time

        1. Meh…

    2. when you are as many years behind the two larger companies and struggle to make a profit… your chances are slim to none. Verizon is already almost done with their 4G rollout. By the time Sprint finishes theirs, Verizon will have their 4G LTE Advance service all rolled out

      1. Oh yeah i forgot about that. But they should have Softbank behind them so i say still give it time to see how it all plays out.

        1. A lot of people are forgetting that Sprint is rebuilding the entire network from the ground up. It’s not a simple addition of LTE like VZW + AT&T has been doing. Not to mention, they are only offering blanket coverage, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. Sprint on the other hand is bringing a more dense network to the market, which if anyone is currently on VZW or AT&T in a highly populated city, you’ll already know that their speeds have taken a turn for the poorer during peak hours.

          1. I recently (last week) jumped ship from Sprint (8 year customer) to VZW. Sprint’s more dense network is false. I receive 22mbps down on VZW and if I goto downtown Orlando, I see a slow down to about 7-8 mbps. On Sprint, I averaged 200kbps, not mbps but kbps and downtown had 30-40kbps. This has been going on for over a year now. If they are trying to create a more dense network, I will switch back in 2 years, but they are at least 1+ years away from even coming close to the speeds I get currently with VZW

          2. You misread what I wrote. They are BRINGING a more dense network. It’s not available in all areas yet. You’ll never get those excessive speeds on Sprint’s LTE. The network isn’t being built for that. It’s for reliability, which is more than ok with me. I don’t understand why anyone would need anything more than 5-7 mbps on a mobile device. Just seems like overkill.

          3. Oh I 100% agree. Most the internet can’t run past the 5-7mbps mark anyways. The Verizon guy tried to brag about getting up to 30mbps at times, I told him, that does not really matter, I just want more than 200kbps. I am hoping Sprint gets their network back up to speed, I really enjoyed almost no dropped calls ever and the unlimited data (although my wife and I don’t even get near our 4gb cap…we both have wifi at home and at our offices which helps). Sorry for misreading it. I was just trying to say that I get a slow down to 7-8mbps in slow areas for VZW, which is MORE than enough for me ever.

          4. I wish VZW was cheaper. The pricing is what drives me away from ever considering using their services.

          5. What is actually kinda funny, we thought that too! We have two smartphones on our plan, which is the only way VZW comes out cheaper. Basically with TEP, $10 evo tax (guess built into Sprints prices now) and the Family share plan, we found the new Share Everything plan at VZW to be cheaper for two smartphones with their TEP equivalent. 9 bucks cheaper a month, all this math was done excluding all the taxes and stuff, since taxes are the same across all carriers. Again, seems to only work if you are doing 2 phones, anything more or less VZW is more expensive.

          6. 4 GB wouldn’t cut it for me. I would need like 10. When I still had my EVO 3D, I was pushing close to 8-10 GB/mo depending on the month. I also couldn’t justify the switch. I’ve never had any issues with Sprint or their service. I’m one of those lucky few.

          7. Yeah, I miss those days with Sprint. I am really hoping that once my contract is up at VZW, Sprint has got their game back together here in the Central Florida Area so I can switch back. 4GB used to not cut it for me, but now I have WiFi in most locations I am at, I rarely use any data anymore. I don’t watch streaming video on the go, maybe that is why.

          8. I use WiFi very often, but I commute to work and Netflix kept me extremely occupied on WiMAX during that time.

          9. Ah, yeah, I would use tons of data then LOL. My commute consists of me driving which keeps me from surfing or streaming on my phone for obvious reasons lol.

  7. I’m more interested in Tmo’s LTE, with the combination of HSPA+ 42 & LTE Tmo’s network is gonna be blazzzing fast!!!

  8. Pfft. S needs to get with the program. Their roll-out is too slow and increasingly falling behind the competition. And btw, Tmo is already smoking Sprint on coverage and cost!

  9. I can’t believe that Las Vegas (Home of CES and host to 25 million tourists annually) still isn’t even on that list! I was told by more than one Sprint employee when I bought my 32 Gig Galaxy S3 that it would be no more than a few months or by the end of the year at the latest until LTE was here. Still waiting…please don’t make promises you can’t keep.

    1. Believe it. San Diego the home of Qualcomm, CTIA Mobilecon and 31 million tourists a year doesn’t even have Sprint 4G Wimax and isn’t on the list for 4G LTE either.

  10. still practicaly nothing in San Jose / Silicon Valley, i was right from the begining, this is another false promise like WiMax was with my EVO4G, i buy a phone and hardly ever get to use the 4G for the duration of my contract.

  11. on a side note, 3G on sprint is close to unusable, by the time traffic comes up in maps im already halfway to work. youtube is a buffer fest, surfing is just barely bearable.

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