Google holding Project Glass Developer Conference attendees to strict NDA


If Google pulls any big surprises at next weeks Project Glass Developer Conference, we won’t be hearing about them. Google is holding all attendees to the strictest of non-discolure agreements, asking that anything learned as part of events occurring in New York and San Francisco not be made known to the general public.

To accomplish this, Google is requiring all registered developers to use special Google+ accounts to test the features of the Android-powered glasses, lest they post anything to their personal profiles. Any photos or video captured at the event become the property of Google, as the agreement states that those in attendance “waive any moral rights you have and agree not to exercise them.”

But it does sound like developers will be able to take home their Glass preview units based on certain language in the agreement. A disclaimer warns of the dangers of using Glass during real world activities such as driving or playing sports.

Phandroid registered several member of our staff, including our lead developer, for the Glass Explorer program. We have contacted Google for further clarification on the NDA in relation to media coverage of future Glass events.

[via Mashable]

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  1. how does one contact Google?

      1. Did you actually read the results?

        1. Yes, the first result is Google’s contact page, which, crazy as it may be, has their contact information. Including how members of the press can contact Google.

  2. One does not just simply contact google….

    1. Let me transfer you to the next level.

  3. Can’t you share the findings with just us? I promise I won’t tell anyone else and the others will prolly also promise it….I can sign an NDA for it if you want….just dont keep me waiting for all the good stuff!!! :P

  4. I really like that they’re being so secretive! It’s like they’ve got something super cool to show off but they’re keeping it from the general public for some awesome/crazy announcement. Excitement. Building.

    1. That makes me think…. if I ever get rich, pull a Donald Trump, and own a SkyScraper… I’ll definitely name it “Excitement”.

    2. Just like Apple with the iPhone!

      1. Or like Google with Google+

      2. Seemed to work pretty well for them!

  5. Forget the glasses,WHO DAT wearin’ ’em in the pic?

    1. Forget her, she’s just a model.

  6. You’re already in violation for disclosing the conference is taking place.

    1. I don’t think they signed the NDA yet. They will have to sign it during the conference. (I think)

    2. This is Google. Not Apple. :-) They’re not _that_ crazy. No problem disclosing the fact that the conference is taking place.

  7. A close friend of mine is actually attending the hack-a-thon. Says Google only invited 100 developers.

    1. So when do we get Glass?

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