Jan 25th, 2013 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:01 pm

If Google pulls any big surprises at next weeks Project Glass Developer Conference, we won’t be hearing about them. Google is holding all attendees to the strictest of non-discolure agreements, asking that anything learned as part of events occurring in New York and San Francisco not be made known to the general public.

To accomplish this, Google is requiring all registered developers to use special Google+ accounts to test the features of the Android-powered glasses, lest they post anything to their personal profiles. Any photos or video captured at the event become the property of Google, as the agreement states that those in attendance “waive any moral rights you have and agree not to exercise them.”

But it does sound like developers will be able to take home their Glass preview units based on certain language in the agreement. A disclaimer warns of the dangers of using Glass during real world activities such as driving or playing sports.

Phandroid registered several member of our staff, including our lead developer, for the Glass Explorer program. We have contacted Google for further clarification on the NDA in relation to media coverage of future Glass events.

[via Mashable]