Best Buy has T-Mobile’s Nexus 4 for $200 — Better Hurry!


Ready? Set? Go! No, really. Go now. That link will take you to Best Buy where you can find a T-Mobile Nexus 4 waiting for your hard-earned money. Best Buy is selling this version for $200 — just like T-Mobile — with a new two-year contract. You can also get it for $600 without a two-year chain strapped to your leg, if you want.

Considering this thing still isn’t available in the Play Store and sells out of T-Mobile’s warehouses in the blink of an eye this may be your best chance yet to get one. Best Buy’s site hasn’t crashed (yet) and who knows how plentiful their stock may be. Wait, why are you still reading this? Go!

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Rip off, wait for Google to get it back. No contracts!

    1. its really not THAT much of a ripoff for this contract. you pay an extra $90 over the course of 2 years for a $150 discount up-front.

  2. complete ripoff how you gonna charge $600 no contract when you can get it for half that through google shame on best buy and t moble

    1. lol thats the thing, you CANT get it through google for half that… at least not any time soon

      1. I get your point, I really do… But the price point WAS still set by Google, so anyone charging that much for it off contact IS price gouging.

        1. Google chose to subsidize the cost of the phone themselves. The MSRP of the device is set when sold directly to retailers and carriers, so that’s why it’s priced so much higher. They could be noble and go the Google route, but they are in it for far different reasons than Google and thus, they are priced differently.

          1. True enough… Hey, do you happen to know what LG charges Google and tmobile respectively for the N4?

        2. i mean yeah but i wouldnt exactly call it price gouging, since Google is allegedly selling it with 0 profit/at a loss. i’m sure if bestbuy were to sell it for the same price, they’d probably be losing money simply by having to have it shipped to store. A lot of mystery revolving around this device, none the less. I wanted to get one, but now its just too close to the release of new beasts with newer processors

          1. I agree with you there… Even if Google were to get guaranteed stock in tomorrow, I would have to think about buying one for myself.

  3. LOL 600. this is crazy

  4. No LTE=no thank you

    1. it will have lte on t-mobile.

    2. Then you don’t want a T-Mobile phone. No phone on the network can access LTE yet since T-Mobile hasn’t fired it up yet. When they do, the Nexus 4 will be able to access LTE.

      1. You sure about that? What about all the fuss that was made about the chip being in there but not usable in the US?

          1. Oh, wow. I totally missed that article! Thank you, good to know!

  5. That’s how much it really costs. Price aside, i am no longer interested in the Nexus 4, my desire has shifted to the Galaxy Note II.

    1. You won’t regret that decision!

    2. good choice just got a note 2 and gave my n4 to my gf. I havent regreted it for a second.

      1. My only concern is the updates. I will give it to samsung that they are keeping their top end phones up to date but still it takes long conparing when Google releasesnit for the nexus. But screw it. My other concern is reliability. After the ICS update, my GSII is practically useless.

        1. I went Nexus for every reason to just mentioned. I’m not looking back and I love my N4.

          1. The Note II and S3 are great phones but Samsung needs yearly OS updates which will not happen. I had an S3 and got tired of loading new roms looking for the stable one, at first they start out stable, but then they start self rebooting or lagging. I just got tired of the saving by Ti-Backup, new rom and loading everything back. So I sold my S3 and bought an N4….Nexus for ever now on…love it!!!

        2. Only other phone I really wanted was the Note II, If I wasn’t lucky enough to have ordered a N4 from the playstore I would bought a Note II off contract.
          N4 does everything I need and I’ll have updates for a long time straight from the source.

    3. Heh, same here :) Galaxy Note 2 OR Xperia Z!

  6. nehhh. Give us LTE….Anyone interested see if Best Buy would price match. LOL

    1. Dude, it DOES have LTE- on T-Mobile.

  7. Google subsidize their phones too much, these idiots are thinking they are being ripped off by these third party retailers. if you never see or continue seeing the lack of subsidized phones from google (Nexus), you can blame yourself for that.

  8. Sweet cookie dough!! $599!? They trippin’ hard on that flo!!

  9. $200 on contract….. I wonder why this store has them first?

    The bait and switch scam must stop

    1. $200 on contract is very expensive… Such phones are usually free in Europe, with very low monthly fees…

  10. Ya… Cause if you don’t they’ll sell all three. LOL!

  11. Thank goodness I sunk my order in on the second opening after 2 straight hours of mouse mashing 0.o

    Married since December 31st.

  12. Picked up one at a local tmo store here in Dallas Saturday.

  13. Was just in a tmobile today and they are selling it for 100$

  14. sold out?

  15. $600 off contract. LMAO.

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